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All calls are recorded; the caller must be 18 or over and have the bill payer’s permission. Readings under UK law are deemed to be for entertainment only. Helpline: 0800 156 0580. Terms & Conditions.

Category: Spiritual

Master Spirits

21st Oct 2022

Master Spirits

You may be used to contacting angels for help. However, you may not...

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22nd Jul 2022

Auspicy: Bird Magic

Birds have long been revered for their magical qualities, much of which was...

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I Ching

20th Jan 2021

The I Ching: Eight Trigrams

The I Ching is sometimes referred to as the Chinese Book of Changes....

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Spiritual Growth

18th Jun 2020

Nourishment for Spiritual Growth

It’s natural at the moment that folk want to focus on their health...

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Animal Guides

27th Jan 2020

Animal Guides from the Countryside

Spirit Animals, Animal Guides, Power Animals, are all names for creatures that provide...

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6th Sep 2019

Mabon - Celebrate the Autumn Equinox

Mabon is another term for the Autumn Equinox, it was used in mid-20th...

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Solitude & Silence

17th Jul 2019

Solitude & Silence

The other day an advert popped up on TV, there is a lake...

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3rd Jan 2019

Spiritual Glow

Decorating your home with candles, can be the perfect way to add a...

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The Magic of Trees

12th Oct 2018

The Magic of Trees - Part 2

Autumn is the perfect time to explore the magic around trees, if you...

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The Magic of Trees

5th Oct 2018

The Magic of Trees – Part 1

Sacred trees are found in most cultures, just think about bringing in evergreens...

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Silence is Golden

17th Aug 2018

Silence is Golden

When you were growing up were you told ‘silence is golden’, I didn’t...

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Feather Magic

8th Jun 2018

Feather Magic

Birds and their feathers have been used for centuries as both talismans and...

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3rd May 2018


Ch’i is sometimes referred to as ‘Qi’ or ‘Positive Ch’i’ or as ‘Dragon’s...

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March 2018

2nd Mar 2018

March Calendar

1st – St David’s Day St David is of course the patron saint...

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Medium Reader John

8th Dec 2017

RAMA – Part 2

If you missed part 1 of this article, then click here first. He...

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Bonfire Flames

3rd Nov 2017

Why not try Interpreting Flames this Bonfire Night?

The 5th of November is associated with Guy Fawkes and his gunpowder plot,...

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1st Sep 2017

Opening to Spirit, by Mariah – PIN: 1881 - Part 1

It’s a mind-boggling fact that all life on earth was created in the...

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3rd Aug 2017

Connect our Hearts and Minds in Love, by Robbie, PIN: 3443 - Part 1

We are a funny bunch, us humans, always complicating things and making them...

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Spirit Messengers

27th Feb 2017

Spirit Messengers, by Mariah - PIN: 1881

Our beautiful lonely planet is 4.543 billion years old, we the upright ape...

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Penguin Book: The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way To Live Well by Meik Wiking

19th Jan 2017


Have you heard of ‘Hygge’, pronounced ‘heurgha’ - well, it is a Danish...

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Dream Catcher

4th Aug 2016

Dream Catchers

The Origins of Dream Catchers The origins of dream catchers can be found...

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Yoga on the beach

29th Jul 2016

Spiritual Holidays

If you are trying to get more in touch with your spiritual side,...

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17th Jun 2016


Incense is actually made from certain resinous trees; the end result being a...

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Glastonbury Tor

26th May 2016

Earth Chakras

There are sacred sites all over the world, all of which are tied...

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Wise Owl

20th May 2016

Love of Wisdom

Love of wisdom is the meaning behind the word ‘Philosophy’. In order to...

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Positive Affirmations

6th May 2016

Positive Affirmations

Have you ever found yourself saying things like - ‘knowing my luck’, I’m...

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Holding Hands Healing Energy

11th Mar 2016

Healing Energy - Part 2

If you didn’t see our introduction to healing energy – click here. Hands...

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Holding Hands Healing Energy

4th Mar 2016

Healing Energy

Healing Introduction At its most basic level energy healing brings about some change...

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Girl releasing doves, peace, soul

22nd May 2015

The Soul

What is our soul and where is it within our body? When we...

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I Heart Me Book Cover

10th Apr 2015

I Heart Me: The Science of Self-Love by David Hamilton

I think it is fair to say that you have to have a...

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16th Jan 2015


This time of year is very often focused on New Year’s resolutions, much...

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26th Dec 2014

Numerology - Life Path 22  

Powerful, successful and pragmatic - those with the Life Path 22 can count...

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24th Oct 2014

Numerology - Life Path 9 - The Humanitarian

Compassionate, generous and friendly those with the Life Path 9 can count themselves...

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10th Oct 2014

Embrace Positivity to Stay Healthy

“A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he...

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3rd Oct 2014

The Power of The Elements – Earth

The element of Earth is the subject, receptacle and mother of all living...

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Life Path 8

19th Sep 2014

Numerology – Life Path 8 – The Warrior

Direct, organised with a powerful drive to succeed, those with the Life Path...

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5th Sep 2014

The Elements – Fire

Since the beginning of creation, the element of Fire has been an important...

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22nd Aug 2014

Life Path 7 – The Seeker

Spiritual, solitary and philosophical those with the Life Path 7 can count themselves...

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4th Aug 2014

The Power of the Elements - Water

Since the beginning of creation, the element of water has been a necessity...

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25th Jul 2014

Numerology – Life Path 6 – The Teacher

Compassionate, nurturing, and family orientated those with the Life Path 6 can count...

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4th Jul 2014

The Power of the Elements - Air

Since the beginning of creation, the element of Air has been of fundamental...

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27th Jun 2014

Numerology Life Path 5 - The Seller

Adventurous, energetic, and resourceful, those with the Life Path 5 can count themselves...

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6th Jun 2014

The Power of the Elements Introduction

We are all familiar with the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water,...

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23rd May 2014

Numerology - Life Path 4 The Builder

Determined, intelligent, and practical, those with the Life Path 4 can count themselves...

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11th Apr 2014

Developing Psychic Abilities- Study & Research

Possibly the best way for anybody to develop psychic abilities is to study...

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4th Apr 2014

Healing Stones - Selenite

Selenite is a remarkably calm and peaceful crystal, which instils peace and greatly...

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21st Mar 2014

Developing Psychic Abilities – Dream Interpretation

Our dreams are fascinating and mysterious products of our subconscious and the content...

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7th Mar 2014

Healing Stones - Vanadinite

For those looking to connect further with the earth’s energies, look no further...

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28th Feb 2014

Numerology Life Path 1- The Leader

Hard working, opinionated and adventurous, those with the Life Path 1 can count...

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17th Jan 2014

Developing Psychic Abilities – Reading Auras

The ability to read auras is an essential skill that, like any other,...

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20th Dec 2013

7 Chakras - Crown Chakra

The 7th and final primary chakra that we will be exploring with you...

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13th Dec 2013

Devloping Your Psychic Abilities - Contact Your Spirit Guides

Everyone is a channel for spiritual guidance, and if you’re looking to go...

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Garnet Stone

6th Dec 2013

Healing Stones - Garnet

Revered since ancient times, the garnet promotes good health and success in business....

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15th Nov 2013

Developing Psychic Abilities - Psychometry

Psychometry is a psychic skill that enables someone to pick up information about...

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8th Nov 2013

Healing Crystals - Sodalite

Want a clear, ordered mind, rational thought and inner peace? Sodalite may be...

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Rose Quartz Crystal

4th Oct 2013

Healing Crystals - Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz also known as “the love stone” is one of the most...

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Solar Plexus Chakra

23rd Aug 2013

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra (or Manipura) is the third of the seven primary...

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psychic with crystal ball

16th Aug 2013

Developing Psychic Abilities - Silence and Solitude

When we are constantly surrounded by the noise and buzz of modern everyday...

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Amethyst Stone

9th Aug 2013

Healing Stones – Amethyst

The purple amethyst is a cleansing stone, promoting internal balance and harmony to...

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2nd Aug 2013

Life Mantras: Stay Happy and Positive

 Mantra A word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation (originally in...

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Man doing Yoga

26th Jul 2013

The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra (or Swadhisthana) is the second of the seven primary chakras,...

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19th Jul 2013

Spiritual Diary

If you have been following our blog, you will be aware of an...

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Smoky Quartz Rock

12th Jul 2013

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is an extremely protective stone which brings both physical and psychic...

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28th Jun 2013

Root Chakra

The root chakra (or Muladhara) is the first of the seven primary chakras,...

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woman with crystal ball

21st Jun 2013

Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Every now and again do you get the feeling of déjà vu? Are...

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Jade Rabbit

14th Jun 2013


Jade is a symbol of luck and peace. A wonderful stone that is...

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Quartz Crystal Cluster

31st May 2013

Healing Crystals - Clear Quartz

The clear quartz, known as the “master healer”, absorbs and cleanses energies, amplifying...

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24th May 2013

The Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra (also known as the brow or sixth sense) is...

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17th May 2013


Dowsing is a psychic technique used to find lost or hidden objects by...

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The Chakras

10th May 2013

The Seven Chakras

The Seven Chakras Chakras come from ancient tradition, and have been studied for...

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3rd May 2013

The Spirit World

The spirit world, independent from the natural world, is a world inhabited by...

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tigers eye stone

26th Apr 2013

Healing Crystals - Tigers Eye

The tiger’s eye, powerful, watchful and protective as its name would suggest, is...

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19th Apr 2013


The term ‘spirituality’ can be hard to define as it means so many...

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path to the beach

5th Apr 2013

The Inner Path

Finding yourself and identifying the path leading to inner peace can often be...

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1st Mar 2013


Numerology is the term which is given to the analysis of the perceived...

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22nd Feb 2013


Empathy is the capacity to recognise emotions that are being shown by another...

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Archangel Gabriel

20th Jul 2012

Archangel Gabriel

If you have been following our blog post series on Angels, you will...

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positive thoughts

13th Jul 2012

Applying the power of happiness

If you are a regular reader of our blog posts then you will...

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8th Jun 2012

Soul Mates

Whilst there are many slight variations and differing interpretations of what is meant...

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Cherubim Angels

24th May 2012

Cherubim Angels

Cherubim angels are one of the highest ranking angels and are said to...

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Spiritual Counselling

20th Dec 2011

Spiritual Counselling

Many of us can find ourselves overwhelmed by overpowering thoughts and feelings that...

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9th Nov 2011


Runes are an ancient Germanic alphabet, dating back to around 150 AD. Runes...

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Customer Comments

I had a reading with Teya today. I was blown away by her understanding of my current situation. She made some very positive predictions and advice. I look forward to the outcome. Teya has a lovely warm personality and it radiates in her voice. Towards the end of the reading at my request she brought through some family members who passed over. I found her descriptions and messages spot on! I would love to connect with her again. Many thanks.



Psychic Medium Teya

PIN : 3691

I would like to share my thoughts and gratitude about the reading I just had with Marcus: He’s excellent! Connected immediately. No padding or filling. Spot on with what he picked up. Empathetic, emotionally intelligent, honest and humble. I was left empowered. Thank you, Marcus, I will call again.




PIN : 9399

I had my first reading with Vanessa today. I was very impressed that she brought my late father through and described him in great detail. Vanessa has a lovely empathetic manner. She picked up in great detail my current situation and described a wonderful outcome to my questions. I was blown away by her understanding of myself as a person! She gave me a tremendous boost to my wellbeing.



Vanessa, PIN: 3900

PIN : 3900

John is so gifted, absolutely brilliant, the best medium I have ever known! He has assisted me and many others more than he will ever know xxx Thank you.



PIN : 5152

Bryony is an amazing reader. She is a very lovely, friendly and honest reader. All of my readings have been done with insights and guidance. Bryony really wants the best for her clients and has supported me a lot over the last 4 years. I would highly recommend her. She’s the very best and does not ask lots of questions and always picks up on my situation now and in the future. Absolutely amazing lady.




PIN : 2727

Just had a lovely reading with Angel. She is so kind and enthusiastic and willing to provide guidance. I felt that she was naturally gifted at being guided by her spirits.




PIN : 1441

Thank you so much Sandra for assisting me connect with my beloved partner. You gave so much detail around things that only I would have known. You are really gifted and I am very much looking forward to speaking with you again. Love and best wishes to you x.




PIN : 2662

Thank you, Ruth, for being so patient and kind on our call. You touched on things I needed to hear and I was so happy to hear from the one person I was seeking guidance from. I will be back. Your gift has opened my eyes up more than you know. Thank you xx



PIN : 2022

Thanks so much to John. I've had a few readings with John over this last year and he has really assisted me keep the faith in a situation that has all worked out as he said it would. His advice and insight was spot on and I can't thank you enough x.



PIN : 5152

Betty was absolutely wonderful. She was spot on with what she told me. She even mentioned a place in the country that I live without me telling her. She is amazing!




PIN : 3445

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