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Angel Healing: Phuel, Raziel or Sachiel…


Turning to angel Phuel makes sense when you are feeling stuck, or as if things are happening to you, and you are spinning rather than being in control. As an angel Phuel deals with life flow, keeping us moving forward, but at the same time learning every now and again – that it’s okay to not have a plan, and to let some situations unravel and evolve naturally. Rather than always worrying, and then trying to orchestrate an outcome. Let Phuel’s energy cleanse over you and your emotions, clearing away negative vibrations. Leaving you more care-free, gaining back a child-like innocence and feeling fearless. (more…)

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee…

CoffeeThe British will always love a cup or pot of tea, but you only need to look at any high-street, to know that we have embraced another hot beverage in a big way. I am of course talking about Coffee!

There is no doubt though, that ordering coffee has become, like many things in the modern world – a complicated business.

So, in readiness for your next coffee-shop outing, we give you a rundown on some of the coffee offerings out there…


Superstitions: Valentines/Love

Valentine's HeartIf a woman wanted to know who her future spouse would be, there were a number of rituals she could carry out:

  • On St. Valentine’s Eve she could visit a graveyard at midnight, chanting special charms she knew whilst running around the church twelve times! She should then go to sleep with a sprig of rosemary under her pillow, and the face of her husband-to-be would appear…
  • On Valentine’s Day itself a woman should let her eyes gaze to the sky, until she saw a bird or animal flying over, the type of bird would indicate certain things about the union:


Way’s to celebrate Valentines

Valentine's Love LettersWhatever your relationship status, there are ways to enjoy and celebrate the ultimate ‘love’ holiday – Valentines Day!

Handwritten letters

Receiving hand written correspondence has always been special, but nowadays it is even more so, as we spend so much time engaging via electronic means.

This Valentines Day why not send ‘love letter’s’ to your partner, family and friends by way of expressing what they mean to you all year round, not just during the Valentines period.

Hand written notes, are very personal, you have taken time to choose stationary and a pen to write with. The person gets to see the style of your hand writing. Messages are normally well thought out, but raw and honest – as there is no going back with a delete button. (more…)

The I Ching: Eight Trigrams

I ChingThe I Ching is sometimes referred to as the Chinese Book of Changes. It is an ancient oracle that was first used around 2852 B.C. and it remains popular as a way of divining the future even now.

The concept is that Yin & Yang and Male & Female energies can be interpreted through 64 Hexagrams. You have probably seen the Hexagrams – a series of broken and unbroken lines, often depicted on coins with a whole in the centre.

The 64 Hexagrams are derived from different combinations using eight Trigrams as a starting point. It is the Trigrams that we are going to explore today.

You may see various names and initial interpretations for the eight Trigrams, so I have tried to list below several variations: (more…)

Christmas Tree

Christmas TreeAre you thinking of buying a real Christmas tree this year? There is something very festive about going out and picking a real tree, spinning it around to check that it has a nice shape, with lots of lovely pine smelling branches!

A Real Tree

You can buy a real tree in a number of ways, cut off to place in a stand at home. Cut and attached to a wooden base, or fresh in a pot. Whichever you choose, you want to ensure you have a fresh tree.

It should look a lovely bright green colour.

If you give it a gentle shake, no excess of pine needles should drop off.

It shouldn’t have a bare trunk or branches.

If it is potted, inspect the root ball – to make sure it is not too dry or compacted. (more…)

Angel Healing Ritual: Let Go of the Past

Angel HealingMany of us struggle to let go of the past. We seem destined to make the same mistakes, spend a lot of time looking backwards instead of forwards and never find a sense of peace.

There are many different reasons why we cannot let go. For some, an event or hurt caused is too much to forgive. For others what was said or not said is a source of much regret. Sometimes it is easier to idealise the past, than face the present.

If we spend a lifetime reliving past events, and focusing only on what has gone before, then our emotional and spiritual health suffers and our future happiness becomes jeopardised.

It is better to face up to the reality of the past, and anything that is blocking you in your current life. Whether it is an unrealised dream, a health problem, a failed relationship… Acknowledging the past, and seeing it for what it really was, reduces its power over your current situation.

This process can be easier said than done, so creating an Angel Healing Ritual can be helpful. (more…)

Crystals: Chiastolite, Unakite & Thulite

Crystals – Unusual Gems for Healing



Chiastolite is sometimes referred to as Andalusite and comes in a number of colours from green, brown, rose or even grey. Another name for this crystal is ‘Cross Stone’, which you understand when you see a picture of it close-up, as it appears to have a cross design running through it.

This is a great gem stone for autumn, as it offers balance to the immune system – highly needed as we go into flu season.

In the past the crystal has been used to protect against curses and ill-wishes. Today it is more likely to be used as a stone of change. If you are experiencing negative feelings like guilt and fear, then this crystal is calming. It will assist in a journey of problem-solving, rather than one of repeating old habits. You will feel more able to look at any problems from an analytical position, rather than one of an emotional standpoint.

This stone is particularly good at attuning with your life-purpose, so you can feel sure in your soul that the decisions you are making are right for your life and path forward. (more…)

10 Reasons to Be Happy this Autumn!

AutumnLet’s be honest it’s been a pretty difficult 6-months, whilst completely normal still seems a way off into the future, each of us is now beginning to settle into a new sort of normal.

Autumn is traditionally a period of reflection, so we can take some time to appreciate what we have learnt, gained and valued this year.

I’m sure everyone’s list of reasons to be happy this autumn will be different, but here are 10 things to get us started…


  • It’s time for winter-cosy clothes, layers, jumpers, scarfs, hats and boots – yeah!


  • Skills that you practised during lockdown, can keep you occupied during wet and windy days. From knitting, star-gazing, to jig-saws, to the perfect banana bread/sour dough loaf.


  • It’s perfectly acceptable to binge-watch TV, and slouch around in pyjamas when it’s a dark and dull Sunday – enjoy!


Autumn Equinox: Embrace the Season

In the UK this years Autumn Equinox takes place on Tuesday 22nd September at 2.31pm. Of course, as you know in the northern hemisphere it marks the official end of summer and the beginning of autumn. It marks the point at which the sun illuminates the northern and southern hemispheres equally.

Harvest Moon

Autumn EquinoxThis autumnal period is also associated with harvest, and harvest festivals. The Harvest Moon is a full moon that occurs closest to the autumn equinox period. The light this moon provided was used by farmers to work long into the night to bring in crops from the fields.

Aurora Borealis

The Autumn Equinox increases the chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis in northern hemisphere latitudes, otherwise known as the ‘Northern Lights’.

Pagan Rituals

Pagans have three harvest festivals throughout the year, Lammas, Samhain and Mabon (which is the second). Mabon celebrates a plentiful harvest and a need to give thanks for abundance. It remembers that the bounty of Mother Earth should be celebrated and shared both literally and spiritually. (more…)