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All calls are recorded; the caller must be 18 or over and have the bill payer’s permission. Readings under UK law are deemed to be for entertainment only. Helpline: 0800 156 0580. Terms & Conditions.

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I have used this site for many years and spoke to many readers who are all very good but Robbie is simply the best and so talented, accurate with everything and genuinely a nice person, he connects with your spirits and tells you honestly what’s going on, a great medium and a lovely man, thank you Robbie.


I had a reading with Teya today. I was blown away by her understanding of my current situation. She made some very positive predictions and advice. I look forward to the outcome. Teya has a lovely warm personality and it radiates in her voice. Towards the end of the reading at my request she brought through some family members who passed over. I found her descriptions and messages spot on! I would love to connect with her again. Many thanks.


I had my first reading with Vanessa today. I was very impressed that she brought my late father through and described him in great detail. Vanessa has a lovely empathetic manner. She picked up in great detail my current situation and described a wonderful outcome to my questions. I was blown away by her understanding of myself as a person! She gave me a tremendous boost to my wellbeing.


John is so gifted, absolutely brilliant, the best medium I have ever known! He has helped me and many others more than he will ever know xxx Thank you.


Bryony is an amazing reader. She is a very lovely, friendly and honest reader. All of my readings have been done with accuracy and guidance. Bryony genuinely wants the best for her clients and has helped me out a lot over the last 4 years. I would highly recommend her. She’s the very best and does not ask lots of questions and always picks up on my situation now and in the future. Absolutely amazing lady.


Thank you so much Sandra for helping me connect with my beloved partner. You gave so much detail around things that only I would have known. You are truly gifted and I am very much looking forward to speaking with you again. Love and best wishes to you x.


Thank you, Ruth, for being so patient and kind on our call. You touched on things I needed to hear and I was so happy to hear from the one person I was seeking guidance from. I will be back. Your gift has opened my eyes up more than you know. Thank you xx


Thanks so much to John. I've had a few readings with John over this last year and he has really assisted me keep the faith in a situation that has all worked out as he said it would. His advice and insight was spot on and I can't thank you enough x.


Betty was absolutely wonderful. She was spot on with what she told me. She even mentioned a place in the country that I live without me telling her. She is amazing!


Must report an astounding reading from John 5152. While I have been privileged to have received readings for many years and all have been so important this from John was more real than you could ever imagine. Relaying messages and comments that could only have come from those I once knew in life and are clearly unchanged in the other. Good work and so important. John has such an impressive gift.


I have had several readings with Karen, she has an amazing gift, her readings were spot on in every aspect, she is always cheerful and also a very caring person and has supported me with the loss of my husband. At times I was very down but after a reading with Karen I felt very positive. I can't thank you enough Karen you assisted me so much.


I have spoken to Mavis on several occasions and I have found her to be absolutely spot on with her guidance, it’s as though she knows me inside out. Mavis has given me a lot of support and I really enjoy my readings as everything she has told me has unfolded within days of our conversations. Mavis is not just a brilliant psychic she is I feel a friend who is there for me whenever I am worried or concerned about life's ups and downs. Thank you, Mavis you always amaze me, with your fabulous readings. Speak to you soon, xx.


I have spoken to Jasmine many times over the last few years. She feels like a very dear friend and is such a positive person and always uplifts my spirit. She has connected with my mum and dad and brought messages of great comfort. She mainly discusses future events and gives understanding to difficult situations. Jasmine delivers messages in ways I understand. No wonder she is always very busy.


Robbie is attuned to the high-level spirit realms and has a lot of knowledge about esoteric and spiritual subjects including ascended masters, angels and archangels. He connected to me quickly and gave many deep insights. He is also an author – has written a few books on specialised spiritual subjects. I was impressed with his reading. Thank you very much and God bless you. Hope what you predicted comes to pass, Jenny x.


Ellie's recent reading was very impressive. She brought through no less than four people passed over to spirit for me, 2 of those were spirit guides! I am absolutely certain she can see and hear spirit directly, had good evidence of that. Plus, she solved the mystery of who cracked the blue glass ashtray in our kitchen. Ellie is a strong medium who lives abroad, however she is very English sounding (London/South East accent) and blends her excellent gifts with humour. Thank you very much. God bless from Jenny, xx.


I spoke to Karen yesterday and I can honestly say it was the best reading I have had. She gave me lots of relevant names of my loved ones, both here and in spirit. Lovely lady, highly recommend.


Just spoken to Ruth for the first time. A very caring lovely lady with a fantastic personality. Very insightful, spot on and reassuring conversation… Thank You Ruth – I’ll be back! Paul xx.


Just spoke with Sandra, I always love speaking with her. Very reassuring and insightful, she connects with her guides and brings those who have passed over. She picked up on everything. Thank you, Sandra, for your guidance, which was spot on to how I have been feeling, and sorry I forgot to wish you a Happy New Year. Thank you once again Laura x.


Absolutely had a fantastic reading with Bryony this evening, awww Bryony you really are amazing and have helped me immensely, you confirmed everything I knew and what has happened to me in my past .. And I have taken on board everything you have said to me this evening and feel very lighter. Thank you very much, regards Sue xxx.


I had a lovely reading this morning with Ruth, very calm words of inspiration present and future. I felt after the reading I was relaxed and happier, spot on and I understood everything Ruth said to me. Very very good, thank you xx.


Hi Fran, thank you very very much for your reading; you really are an inspirational lady. Everything you told me was spot on and I am really looking forward to my future. I felt happy and relaxed after speaking with you, you are kind and warm-hearted.  I will ring you again, blessings xx.


Hi John, just wanted to say thank you, you have been guiding me through life's ups and downs for a while now. You are an extremely gifted person and you always connect with my grandmother giving me such spot on validations that only I could know. I gain a lot of comfort from your amazing readings as I know what a sincere and really gifted person you are. P.S hopefully this year I will take that step and move back into my own home. Thank you again.


A massive BIG thank you to you Jasmine, a couple of weeks ago I spoke to you as I had recently lost my dog. You are an astoundingly gifted lady and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the comforting words you gave me as these have enabled me to come to terms with my loss. Can’t thank you enough I shall speak with you again soon x


Mary quite simply saved my life through some of the information she came up with during one of the readings I had with her. She's very clear and “no nonsense” with her information, but it all comes from a point of unconditional love. I can only thank her for all the insight she's provided me with, which is really invaluable. Thank you.


I just had a reading with John which blew me away. John connected with my late Nanna and gave information only we would have shared. I have been feeling a bit low for a while now but this reading lifted me and made me laugh so much. Thanks John, you are very gifted.


Thank you Ruth for an excellent reading. You made an excellent connection with my everyday life and late father. I can't thank you enough for a wonderful reading.


I have just had a reading with Sandra. She tuned into my late aunt and uncle and many friends who have passed over. She has a very calm reassuring manner and passed some very sound advice. Sandra gave me hope for the future. Thanks with all my heart, Mary.


Thank you – the bleakness I felt was lightened by the subtle humour of my mum who came through full of love as she always was in life. Fran did not waste time she made me feel the love of my mum. I also would not normally leave feedback, a very good reading, I feel she got the very essence of my mum and her unconditional love she always gave me – thank you I will call again.


I have just had a reading with John. It was the best reading ever. He even mentioned my late father's name. I can't thank him enough for such an excellent reading. Thank you


I would just like to say that I really had an excellent reading from Mary this evening. She connected with my late father and she really understood my circumstances without me having to tell her anything. I can't thank you enough. The reading has been so useful.


Sandra, I want to say thank you. You have been sweet and kind to pass on so much information but unfortunately we have been cut off. So thanks for the reading and for the specifics. God bless, Sonja.


I've just had a really heartfelt, compassionate reading from Fran. She told me so many things that only I and my brother would know. When the call came to an end I rang her right back to continue – her words made me cry but they were tears of sadness and of love. I have really needed to speak with mediums recently after losing my brother – they have given me much support, but I really like Fran and will definitely be ringing her again. She made a very clear connection with him and she totally 'got' my situation. I wish she was my aunt who I could ring every time I felt down. This is the first time I have felt compelled to leave feedback so that must tell you something. Thank you Fran.


Cannot think of better advice I have been given while going through an abusive situation – thanks Bryony.


Had two readings with Karen recently. She was totally correct and straight to the point. No fuss no nonsense. Worth talking to…Thank you. 


I've got to say that Jasmine is a real star. Always lots of good detail and hope given, in whatever difficulty you may find yourself! Many thanks Jasmine x.


I’ve had two readings with Mary, she is amazingly insightful and so spot on, she has a real gift and is lovely with it too, thank you Mary xxx.


Just had a lovely reading with Sandra. She gave me very precise examples of things that have recently taken place in mine or a family member's life. She also gave me names of spirits who have passed which were spot on. A very good reading indeed.


Just had a reading from Angel and she was so lovely, easy to talk to and really interested in advising me. She was also very non-judgemental about a situation I wanted clarity on and I would recommend her highly; I have been to many psychics over the years and she ranks highly. Thanks Angel


Just had a really amazing reading from Robbie. I would highly recommend, extremely insightful. A very talented man. Thank you Robbie xx


John has a unique gift, his reading was incredibly insightful, after losing both my parents I felt lost, John connected with my loved ones, He showed such compassion towards me. Very gifted medium and will be calling him again and again. Thank You John x


Just amazing – John has guided me through one of the most difficult times of my life – it’s still going on but his sincerity and incredible ability have been so supportive.


My reading with John was just what I needed. He connected with my loved ones (my nan and dad) in spirit and assured me that they are supporting me always. Looking forward to his predictions for the next six months. John is the real deal x


What a fantastic gifted medium! Blew me away with so much personal info from my nana and late husband, I laughed and cried at the same time, I felt lifted and comforted! I will be coming back to John for any future readings, really gifted medium. God bless you and thank you x


I had my first reading with Mary last week. Her insight, wisdom and honesty made me feel at ease straight away. Nothing is sugar-coated! Mary has definitely opened my eyes into the world I see – the reality. I have had two readings now with her and the insight she has given me is irreplaceable! Thank you Mary xx


Sandra is the most insightful medium I have ever spoken to. I have had many readings over the years and have known several good mediums but for predictions and proof of spirit she is definitely in a class of her own. Have to say how good she is as she has guided me so many times.


I`ve just had a lovely reading with Mary, she assisted me so much. I feel as though there was a real connection with Spirit. She has allowed me to move on and not feel so guilty – that I could have done more. Thank you. 


Thank you, John. Amazing connection; so happy that you (and gran) immediately named the special man, and my book! And all the other information; Engleburt was relevant – an ex-colleague in spirit! Absolutely every name and place was highly significant.


Hi, I had my first reading with Jasmine today and she is amazing, very precise in what she knew. I will be calling again when her prediction comes to pass xx.


I just wanted to say thank you to John for my amazingly insightful reading. John was sympathetic, sensitive and supportive. He lifted my spirits when I was at my lowest. He was able to convey the humour and personality of my loved one in spirit. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


Just had an amazing, comforting reading with Karen…after my recent traumatic events I didn't have to say a word as Karen knew it all and was spot on with every little detail, even down to my late husband’s name etc. I am amazed, I feel very comforted from her reading, – a great gift she has. I would advise anyone to have their readings with Karen. Bless you Karen.


John is amazing; his precision for detail never ceases to amaze me. If you want a reading that blows you away then talk to John.


I have had several readings with Mariah and she is really gifted. Mariah will bring you insight into your situation, people around you and visualise and feel situations and energy around you. She has guided me in so many ways. Thank you so much


John was excellent he connected with me straight away, very plain talking and precise thank you john I feel a lot better knowing my Nan is watching over me.


I had my first ever reading earlier this evening with John who was absolutely brilliant. He was able to give me messages from my grandmother and father which was amazing. He also pinpointed exactly when my career will be taking on a major change. An amazing man, I would highly recommend him. I will definitely be calling again.


Dear Jasmine, I have just spoken to you this evening and I left you feedback a while ago and I hope not to sound repetitive but my heart is so full of gratitude because what you do it's so priceless, understated and lifesaving…I sometimes feel so low and beaten up by events and I feel alone, like I’ve got to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, but you my angel, you are coming towards me with open arms, and readily take years off my back…I never feel more understood or safe with anyone like I feel with you. I wish I could give you all I have got too, I wish you knew how much I owe you and how much I respect and appreciate you. May spirit bless your beautiful soul and may your light shine above every soul in need. Thank you ever so much xxx.


I had my first reading with John. Oh my goodness what can I say? The best telephone medium reading I have ever had! The evidence he gave to prove it was my lovely Nan was mind blowing. Stuff that you just couldn’t guess at. Bless you John after the tough few years I’ve been through you have given me hope in the knowledge that my love ones are around me at all times. (Plus I am going to go to the spiritualist church!!).


A lovely precise reading with Ruth, comforting and positive. She picked up on important things going on at the moment, thank you.


Many thanks to John who told me so many things – I was impressed with his readings – everything he told me is true – so thank you very much, John. Will use you again very soon.


I don't have the words to thank you Mary. You have an incredible gift. May you be very blessed for what you are able to mean to your fellow human beings.


Had my 1st reading with John a few weeks ago, picked up a connection straight away just with my name and DOB, reading was brilliant, will use again VERY soon 🙂 x


Dear Jasmine, it has been 4 years since I found you and what years have been for me. You've stuck by me and each and every time I felt you had my back. You are like a friend, so caring, sympathetic and never, never judgemental….a friend like no other because you’ve always seemed to know everything! Again when I rang you last night I felt at the bottom but you gave me the strength to carry on, once again and the peace to get on with my life ….words cannot express the difference you have always made to my life….you are so immensely special and I will forever be grateful!


I have had several readings from Mariah. I am always amazed at how she brings my loved ones through with clarity and warmth and gives evidence that it is your loved ones she is talking to and passing their messages on. She can even get pets!! I always ring Mariah because I know she is 100% honest and always guides me.


John is excellent. Spot on. He went there with all connections with family describing everyone perfectly. Spoke to me with the upmost care and compassion. Also had some excellent insight into my life. Would highly recommend to anyone. One of the best readings for a long time. I cannot thank him enough.


I would like to say thanks for the reading re: two dogs that I was considering. Although, I was drawn to one of them in particular, you couldn't see me with either of them. You mentioned third time lucky and that is exactly how it was. You mentioned the word cruise and whilst going to see the third dog – we kept passing the sign for a place called cruise. We have decided on the third dog. You are remarkable.


I have had many readings with John and I can only say that this man NEVER disappoints me. He is always consistent in his readings. Whenever I feel low or having a panic moment, John always uplifts my spirit and immediately makes me feel better and at ease. He has a very caring manner and no matter how often I call him, and usually with the same problems, he is always ready to support. Most of his predictions to date have happened and I look forward to the rest of them coming true also. John is a true Medium and one special and very gifted man. Thank you John for all your advice and I look forward to our next reading together very soon. God bless you.


I would really like to thank you John for a lovely reading. You not only connected with my Dad and Grandmother but with a friend who passed away this year. With the exactness of the information you were able to give me, I look forward to October and the changes ahead for me. Thank you. x


Had an amazing chat with Robbie. Firstly what a nice chap! No frills no fuss, just facts and that's what I needed. He is very in touch with what mattered and remained on the topic without diverting onto other avenues. (To waste time & add up the phone bill!).
Gave me sound insight and advice.
I am at peace.
Thank you Robbie.


Thank you John you are a true medium, brought through my Husband, Dad and Nan.


I had a reading with John he was amazing. The best reading I have ever had. I had been feeling very low and he lifted my spirit. Thank you so much xxx.


Thank you so much John. Your reading was brilliant. It was so heart-warming to be able to have contact with my mum and dad. I know now they are at peace. John you are an amazing medium. Bless you


I just had a reading with John 5152 & it was brilliant, thanks very much John look forward to our next reading.

D Rooneyiane

Many thanks to Mariah, for giving me such an in-depth reading, her skills and understanding are second to none. I now know which road my future is going. I would recommend Mariah 200%. Thank you so much xx


I had the best reading with John, when I’d hit a real low. I'd run away from home after an argument with my husband, and our daughter had been badly injured in an accident. He immediately picked up on spirit, and my Nan told me 'not to run away – it doesn't work' (I never told John I’d run away when I was on the phone to him). Spirit then said, 'it wasn't you're fault, it was an accident' and I cried a thousand tears. His reading was spot on, incredible, and bought me to tears. He gave me proof, and hope for the future. I will be forever thankful for that reading. Thank you John. PS. Everything's back on track now, just as spirit said it would be… x.


Wonderful John, a true medium. Linked in with loved ones, gave so much sincere evidence, great advice and comfort. He is remarkable.


I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to John, I had a reading with him last week and he was so spot on and specific about details he could not have known about. My grandfather came through so strongly and I felt so uplifted at the end of reading and had a smile as I put the phone down. John also has a lovely way with him and will put you at ease immediately. Thank you JOHN XO


Thank you, life has dealt some cruel cards to me but you just gave me a little bit of hope, your reading was very calming considering how upset I was…again thank you.


Thankyou Ruth. Reading very straightforward and to the point. Confirming what my mum has been saying…I know a bit more now on what I should be doing.


Hi Jasmine, Thanks a lot for the amazing readings!! Her readings are wonderful and amazing, a lot of information about the future. I cannot wait to see things coming in my life. I highly recommend her. Just call her 🙂 xx


Wow!! had such a fantastic reading with John that I had to call him back again when the time ran out, he made such strong contact with my late husband, I didn’t have to say a word he just started straight away, being flooded with so much info and advice. John amazed me with how open he is in connecting to the spirit world. Fantastic, thank you John for guiding me xx.


Absolutely lovely gifted lady. I want to thank Mary for answering my direct questions each time I call and I have to say she has always been very precise also with the timings. Keep up the good work Mary and I want to thank you again for being patience as my calls don't last very long, god bless you xxx.


John put me at ease straight away. His reading was so wonderful and has given me peace in my heart. Thank you John you have such a wonderful gift.


Jasmine is a wonderful Reader. She is both precise and direct it what she says. I found her extremely positive and believe her to be one of Gods Messengers. Thank you. xx


I would like to say a massive thank you to John he was such a nice man. The reading he gave me was brilliant. No one would have ever known the information he gave me. He has assisted me in moving on and facing life with a more positive outlook. Thank you so much again x


Robbie – what a fantastic man, so spot on! Gave me a great reading and allowed me to be able to look to the future, gave me a great insight in to my life. Thanks very much.


Had reading with Karen yesterday. She is excellent. Really gave me good insight and messages from others passed. It was just name after name after name. Spot on. Bless her she did well. Highly recommended.


Just had a reading with John. Lots of family members came through with special uplifting messages and the advice on an ex was very reassuring.


I had a reading with Mary on 13/12/11. Was a bit sceptical at first, however she told me things that would be impossible to know without really being gifted. Straight to the point and no nonsense. Excellent!!


Lovely reading with Karen this evening – I cannot believe how much she is in touch with spirit. Sincere reading, scarily, and wonderfully precise.


Robbie is an excellent reader, his predictions are always spot on. A very friendly reliable reader indeed.


Have had a couple of readings with John in recent months and was amazed at how he was able to connect so well with those in spirit. John said things that no one could have known, he even located a will that I thought did not exist. If you ever seek the comfort and knowledge that loved ones in spirit are ok and around then John is your man. A lovely man who was very easy to talk to, thank you John.


I had a very SPOT ON CLEAR reading with Mary, she told me so much that only I would know about, she gave me a lot of comfort during the reading, and calmed me a lot, my late husband came through and that gave me so much warmth, I can sleep better now since having the reading with Mary, thank you and God bless you Mary xx


I’ve had many readings with Ellie even though we get cut off apologies for that. Ellie is very warm and friendly who puts a smile on my face every time I talk to her. I would highly recommend her for readings as she is very precise…Many thanks Ellie xxx.


From the moment my reading began Mary demonstrated the most incredibe insight into my world. She was both forthright and guiding in her manner – she told me what she saw rather than just what I wanted to hear just as a true close friend would. Thank you Mary.


Thanks a ton John for such a superb reading. I had two readings with John this week whilst I was feeling very low and he shared with me his insight on the situation which immediately uplifted me. Thanks a ton! Hope to speak to you soon John.


Just had a reading with Mary; what a lovely lady. Absolutely spot on. I can't tell you how much she has advised me and how precise she was. She has given me good advice to guide me in the future. Thank you so much and I will ring you again soon and tell you how I am progressing. Thank you so much, best wishes Shirley.


The best reader!!! I've had reading with John since last year and has always been correct. I will highly recommend him. Thank you so much for everything.


Wow! Thank you, my reading was really interesting, actually brought a tear to my eye! Thank you very very much x.


WOW WOW and WOW again, just had an amazing reading with John – he was spot on with everything he told me, only I knew. I can’t thank you enough. John god bless you and I will be calling you again soon xxx


I’ve had many readings with John over the past several months and I must say he really stands out from all the rest. John has been incredibly consistent throughout and everything he said has come true and more is still coming true. I now anticipate for the final good changes to happen in my life just as he said. If anyone is looking for an honest, straight to the point reader, then look no further…John is your man. I can’t wait until my next reading with him. Top man John!


I just had a reading with John, and I must say he was the best. Touched on everything I was hoping he would. He was spot on and I was so relieved after speaking with this lovely man. I will be using the service again.


Excellent reading John, I just want say thank you! Highly recommended. Muna


Thanks for a very uplifting reading. Seems a really sincere man.


I would like to say a big thank you to Jasmine, her reading has astounded me, I spoke to her one morning and the same afternoon what she had told me was confirmed, thank you Best Mediums, a lovely reading.


Just had a reading with John, he is a great medium. Best reading I've had.


For John. You have been a great assistance in a rather confusing time. I keep your messages in mind all the time. The connection you have with family long in spirit is always good and very useful. Thanks.


Would like to say big thank you to John for another fab reading, always spot on with messages from loved ones.


Thanks John, a good reading talked about my Mums illness, my love life and messages from my Dad including telling me about my stickling dish washer. Bless you John.


There is something about Mary. She has a very good deep warm connection. I am a healer and health worker and she has got me back on track when things are going a bit off centre. Thanks Mary 🙂 you are a star! Blessings.


I have had many readings with Mary. She is always exceptionally precise and picks things up within 24 hours of them occurring. She has really lifted my spirits when I felt like throwing the towel in! I just wish she was available a little more often. Thank you so much Mary!


Thank-you Ellie. I felt better for your insights and understanding.


Had a reading with John, he is a very exacting reader. My grandparents came through. John confirmed to me I would get the job I had applied for, and guess what? Yes, found out today that I got the job! I am waiting for the rest to unfold, which I’m sure it will. Thank you John, I will be speaking to you again.


I have just had a second reading with John 5152 – brilliant. I am psychic myself but can’t do my own readings; he described my son exactly how he was and everything he said was correct. I will definitely phone him again.


John gave me a thorough reading. He is one of the best mediums I have called. He passed messages from those in spirit giving me proof, which was amazing. Thank you so much for a wonderful reading. I will definitely be keeping in touch with John.


I just had a reading from John. He was amazing, I have had quite a few readings, but he really stood out, confirmed quite of a lot for me and described my family relatives exactly. Great reading John! Thank you, will definitely recommend!


Had a reading with Mary last night and Oh My God she was spot on with everything. She said things she could not know about. Thank you Mary xx.


Just had a reading with Mary, she was fantastic. She picked up on my life and issues so quickly and gave me lots of information and what to focus on this year! THANK YOU!!


Hi guys, just had a reading from Karen. She was spot on about my life and gave me great hope for the future – thanks you're a star.


I have just had the most amazing reading with Mary who is really gifted. She instantly picked up on my relationship and what was happening with this man. She also picked up on other things around him and me which I was quite shocked by. I feel quite confident that there is a future as long as I take her advice. Thank you Mary, highly, highly recommended for a reading.


I would like to say a huge thank you to Ellie, whom I have regular readings with. She makes me feel so uplifted, full of hope, and happy to move on into the future, and to feel really confident about myself. Thank you Ellie, you are a very special person, with a wonderful gift.


Definitely and absolutely would like to say a big thank you to Mary (5055) who provided information from my Father who had already passed over regarding the mystery surrounding his death. I wanted a clarification and she confirmed it. She spoke on other areas of my life – my Brother and confirmed what would happen. I have spoken to other mediums but Mary was spot on. She connected with my Father big time. Thanks Mary ever so much. You are highly recommended to anyone who wants an insightful reading. I will talk to you again. This reader is exceptionally good.


I just wanted to thank Bryony for this evenings reading. She was wonderful and straight away picked up on what was happening. She has given me lots of comfort on what has been a difficult day. Am hoping that what she has said does happen in the next 4/5 weeks. Thank you again.


I’ve just come off the phone, having been crying most of the weekend. I was devastated, a broken heart. Call the Samaritans or Best Mediums? I chose you, and had a reading with Ellie. Well, I’ve had readings before but this lady…wow!! Straight to the heart of the matter. Knew exactly what I was feeling and why. What she has told me is the very best, most wonderful news. I just have to be a little patient. I cannot wait until the summer to see if what she has clearly predicted will come true. I found her absolutely on the ball. A breath-taking reading that has me smiling and grinning. Thank you so very very much Ellie. Much love and gratitude xx

Julie Ann

I would like to express a very sincere thank you. Overtime I have spoken with many of the readers at Best Mediums. They have been generous with their guidance and protection. Everyone is unique of course and wonderful in their own way. I have been able to shelter my family and friends from worry and burden and bring clarity into complex scenarios. I am very grateful. Recently I have been working with Bryony and she has been able to allow me to see the difficulties I need to negotiate with an intuitive perspective. I feel at peace. Bryony has an energy that is both delightful and lovely and her reading are heart-warming and sincere. I would like to acknowledge the blessings both Bryony and her guide are bringing into my life.x


Hi, I just had a good reading with Bryony, I hope all she has predicted for me happens just as she says, I will use her again. xx


I am now a positive, confident and dynamically motivated soul who could not be in this place without Bryony’s vision. For everything she has done for me spiritually and emotionally. Her experience in being a corporate trouble-shooter allowed me to understand the profession that I work within – which is why I now hold the position I do. My love and thoughts go to Bryony for everything she has done for me.


I consider myself to be fortunate in finding Bryony. Grateful thanks to Bryony for pointing the way to greater happiness.


I have found Bryony’s readings and link with spirit next to none, over the years of having readings. Her Spiritual guidance has guided me with many issues in life, and prepared me, for some of the not so good events JUST around the corner. Her sincere warmth and sympathy shines through, and readings have always tended to be spot on.


Robbie is fantastic, he said my life would change dramatically re my job and it would be amazing… and you know what out of nowhere came an offer, which I took and I am now working for myself, just like he said. I am so happy now and he just kept saying it would come. Amazingly gifted man.


I was very grateful to receive your text messages about my Brother who passed away last December. It gave me great comfort to know he is now with my dear Dad.


I have had several readings with Ellie and she is an awesome reader. Ellie is always very caring and gives advice only from what she picks up from spirit….thanks a million Ellie!! Dee x


I just wanted to say thank you to Bryony, I felt quite desperate when I phoned in and she really assisted me. She was really sympathetic, and I got a really good reading.


Bryony first read for me three years ago. I was in despair and on the verge of an emotional crisis. She gave me her energy, wisdom and vision to see my way clearly through the brick walls around me. She showed me the way to move on from an emotional crisis and to focus the energies on myself. She also gave me the confidence and strength to see my way forward to push myself forward career wise. Her ability to connect with my partner’s mum in spirit allowed me to understand the problems with him that only a mother would have the ability to know. I am now a positive, confident and dynamically motivated soul who could not be in this place without Bryony’s vision. For everything she has done for me spiritually and emotionally I can even forgive her for being a Cliff Richard Fan!!!! Her experience in being a corporate trouble-shooter aloud me to understand the profession that I work within – which is why I now hold the position, I do. My love and thoughts go to Bryony for everything she has done for me.


Bryony was exactly what I was looking for in a reader. No small talk, just straight to the heart of the matter. No beating around the bush, just honest forthright communication. Fantastic. For me this is what readings should be about. Lots of gratitude x.


John is probably one of the few mediums that I've ever spoken to (and that has been probably more than a 100) that actually provided any real evidence related to people I know have passed over and events in my life. It's early days to see if what the messages he gave me for the future will come to pass but my feeling is that he's a pearl in the dust. I've spoken to others on this site also – and a few others also appeared also on the same wavelength as me but John has stood out.


Just had a lovely reading with Angel. She is so kind and enthusiastic and willing to help provide guidance. I felt that she was naturally gifted at being guided by her spirits.