Psychic Magic TabletsIf you missed part 1 or part 2 of Lucy’s psychic journey, then click through now. Then read on for her explanation of Magic Tablets!

Tablets of Fate, or Magic Tablets, use the occult significance of numbers to tell the future. They have been popular for at least 400 years in Europe and Britain. They are simple, quick and fun to use. There are a few well-known Tablets: of the Sphinx, of Venus, the Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. You can also make your own, more personalised to your own life.

Make your Tablet and have a pointer, e.g. a pencil.

Shut your eyes and concentrate on a question, then turn the tablet three times (or have a friend do this).

Dangle your pointer over the Tablet, focussing continually on your question, and then bring it down.

If you miss the Tablet three times, do not try again for 24 hours.

If the Tablet is reversed, take the Reverse meanings.

Here is the Tablet of Venus. Enjoy!

The Tablet of Venus

The Tablet of Venus will answer questions associated with love. The meaning of each number will differ depending on whether it is in an upright or reversed position. Denoted below by ‘U’ or ‘R’:


1U – The love is true

1R – The person does not agree with you


2U – Delays should be anticipated

2R – This person is not easily deceived


3U – You should follow what your heart is telling you

3R – Flattery is nice; be careful it does not lead you into danger


4U – If in your mind you are sure – the answer is ‘yes’

4R – Knowing the truth will allow you to forgive


5U – Everything is well

5R – Your judgement may have been rushed


6U – If you lose this love – you will only have yourself to blame

6R – If it is true love, you can ride out misfortune


7U – It is you that is bringing unhappiness

7R – You need to look beyond appearances


8U – Jealousy could easily come between you – don’t let it

8R – Your friend loves you truly


9U – It is only you that is loved

9R – You are too fond of distractions and chasing fun


10U – Someone is thinking of you

10R – There is a flirt in your midst – beware


11U – This is just a passing cloud

11R – There may be a misunderstanding – on both sides


12U – They have changed their mind

12R – Evil tongues – evil minds


13U – The answer is ‘yes’, but not the one you are thinking of

13R – Now is not the time to act in haste


14U – Is there a reason for doubt

14R – You should move on – it was just infatuation


15U – Heed and remember what was said at the end

15R – There is no need to be jealous


16U – Is it true love – ‘yes’

16R – You need to act sensibly – now, before it is too late