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Developing My Gift

To skip a few decades forward from my teens, my psychic development reignited in my early 40s via a lady who came to one of my acupuncture practices: she got chatting about visiting a Spiritualist church, receiving messages, and offered to lend me books as I expressed an interest. There were a few autobiographies of gifted mediums; I did not see myself of their calibre, but my interest was piqued, and I managed to find an open Circle close to my home! It was run by a lovely lady named Michelle; also we had visiting mediums she knew. I soon found Spirit did come around me and at times I was even able to let go enough to channel a little. During channelling you have no concept of what will come out of your mouth – the words just pop out, sometimes forcefully, the deeper you relax.

After four years the group closed due to Michelle’s change of work. I wanted to continue psychic activity, and plucked up courage to do a test reading with Psychic Light. To my amazement, I was accepted! I was so excited and nervous, but found psychic connection was possible by voice only, without physical proximity.

My Guides

My maternal grandmother came in strongly as a guide and inspirer. First, I had a dream where she was handing me a loaded mascara wand, which to apply to my third eye! “You forgot that one” she was saying.  I looked in the mirror and saw that I had made up my other two eyes, but had forgotten the one at my central forehead. The dream made me laugh as I woke: it seemed a clear indication that I was ready to ‘make an appearance’ as a psychic. Another sign from her came as I bought my first set of digital phones: I was aware of the need to have a home phone with me at all times when doing psychic work, corded phones could take too long to get to. As I documented my receipt for the new pack of handsets, I saw another sign which made me smile with surprise and gratitude to Spirit: at the top in small print I read: ‘operator: Grace Pierce’. My grandmother’s name exactly, including the less-usual spelling of her surname.

Many signs and dreams come up as one makes right decisions in life, of any kind, combined with a sense of inner peace and anticipation. These I take as Spirit confirming to our anxious and doubting minds and emotions that we are on the right path and things will work out in time.

Life’s Challenges

There is no wrong thing to call one of us about. Life is a challenge; people in your life can be the most challenging thing of all. Sometimes the lights are on red for what seems a long time; revving our engine and creeping forward will get us nowhere. It may be a case for waiting, and distracting ourselves from lack of progress in a chosen area.

Spirit says, “always seek what brings you joy in life.”

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