Psychic Reader Lucy PIN 3565My name is Lucy; I have been doing psychic work for over 20 years, and I have been with Best Mediums for around 15 of those.

The Early Years

My psychic awareness has been ever-present, though as a child I did not know nor understand what I was apprehending. I rapidly learned to keep quiet about what I saw: the light zones beaming on to certain people and areas, our higher guides and influencers, our soul groups. My mother seemed puzzled and troubled as to how a child of 5 or 6 could have read, or been told these things; I was firmly told to take no notice.

Age 6-7, I was doing mini-readings for school mates using playing cards: I would choose a Court figure which I felt represented the child, then lay 3-4 cards randomly around it or over it, as I felt, I’d tell them their present and future! Nothing was taken seriously, but everyone likes a bit of attention, so the kids came for ‘readings’, and I enjoyed it. I recall one little boy I read for, his name was Colin. He was very quiet and frequently off sick. Oddly, he was quite tubby, but ate nothing at lunchtimes except sometimes an apple. His future seemed black as I soft-focussed on the cards; I said he would work as a bin man, or a miner! Two terms later, teacher announced that Colin would not be returning; he had died during an operation.  Another girl Anne, I said would be a famous athlete; she laughed and said not her. I never saw her after we moved up to secondary, but heard years later she was achieving highly in various sports.


Like some teens, I had an avid interest in matters spiritual and the perpetual “Why are we here” question. Answers were trite, and I turned to books for information. Our local library had almost zero that was not heavily Christian; nothing wrong with that, but I knew there were many religions relating to different cultures; that they were about one and the same thing seemed self-evident. Cows are of different breeds and colours, but they all eat grass: humans have different ethnic genetics, but we all seek spiritual peace, right? Again, I quickly learned others were vehemently rigid about their system aka religion and I should shut up about it. But I found a couple of gems: ‘The Q’balah’ (author’s spelling), and ‘The Imitation of Christ’ by Thomas a Kempis. The Q’balah I renewed three times; it taught me to meditate, to make structured mental visualisations to focus into, how iconic spiritual figures fitted with aspects of the pattern. The Kempis work, bizarrely, taught me about Buddhism and Bodhisattva.

Before I lose you, these two crystallised my current and lifelong belief that we are here to guide, support and benefit others on the planet.

Come back next week for the rest of my story…

Lucy (PIN: 3565)