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Pain: How to Manage It

31st Mar 2022


Around 10 million people in the UK; are believed to experience pain daily. There are many reasons for this, illness, injury, old age, chronic disease like arthritis and obesity, to name a few.

Of course, pain in any form; has an impact on the quality of life, impacting sleep, activities, energy levels and can contribute to depression.

Many people will be under the care of a GP or physician, and hopefully, get access to treatments that help with their pain. But, for many of us, the pain may be short term, perhaps due to a sports injury, or we may not want to take pain relievers. Or maybe a pharmaceutical approach interferes with other medications or is not sensible long-term. So, we look at more holistic approaches that may form part of your approach to pain management.

Things to Try:

Acupuncture uses fine needles to stimulate nerves and muscles under the skin; in turn, this allows the body to create endorphins which act as pain-relievers. Usually, a course of sessions is needed. The NHS may offer acupuncture for specific conditions. This Chinese holistic method believes that QI (‘chee’) flow; can be restored, allowing healing.

Supplements: If you are open to vitamins, you may consider Vitamin C which, is crucial for joint health. Adequate levels ensure that your body continues to make cartilage that cushions the joints. 

Tens Machines are often suggested for nerve pain or from pain arising from conditions like arthritis. The idea is to create a natural pain-killer (endorphin) in the body via electrical pulses. Essentially the pulse interrupts the brains pain signal.

For Specific Short-Term Issues:

Headache: In a sitting position, rest your chin on your chest, and put your hands behind your head. Press down for one minute, then rotate to the right for one minute. Back to the centre and then to the left for one minute.

Neck Pain: Find a tennis ball or a foam roller (if you happen to have one for exercise). Get in a standing position against a wall or closed door, place the ball behind your neck and then move; so that the ball rotates and moves all around the painful area. Oxygen from the increased blood flow will go to the inflamed area; to ease the pain and assist in repairing it.

Back Pain: You will need an ice pack and a hot water bottle. Alternate between using the two on the sore area for five minutes at a time. Keep doing this until the acuteness of pain subsides. When recovered, you may want to think about yoga, which can be a gentle way to soothe back pain and prevent re-injury.

Easier Fixes:

  • Having sex may have a positive effect, similar to pain killers, in releasing endorphins/positive hormones into the body. Perhaps consider this for migraine and even menstrual pain.
  • Similar to the above point, if you want to lower cortisol (the stress hormone) and increase the feel-good chemicals. Then, try laughing – it is the best medicine! This trick may distract your mind from how much pain you’re experiencing.
  • Try soaking in a magnesium bath, which can be particularly good for soothing all-over aching muscles, perhaps induced from exercise, or long days standing/sitting at work in one position. It can also be beneficial for people who experience cramps. Magnesium supplements are good for relaxing tense muscles and restoring a feeling of calm in the body.
  • Turmeric is known as an anti-inflammatory. Of course, you can cook with this, or take tablets – but it is also good made into tea. Adding in ginger will only enhance the effect, as in certain situations, ginger has proved to be as effective as Ibuprofen.
  • Just breathe – we don’t realise just how often we hold our breath or don’t breathe deeply from our diaphragm’s as intended. The more stressed we are, the worse our breathing becomes and the more muscular tension we experience. Try breathing in through your nose for 4 seconds, pause for 1 second, then breath out for 6 seconds.
  • Water – drink more; simply because the spinal shock absorbers are 80% water. When we are dehydrated, so are they – gravity does its job, and water leaches from the discs, which may impact pain. As a general guide, two litres a day is a good aim.
  • For a quick dopamine hit in the body, eat some dark chocolate (70% or above is ideal). It’s helpful like laughter to provide a short-term uplift to the mood. 

Don’t Suffer

Whatever the source of your pain, don’t suffer in silence. Many have battled on, especially during the pandemic. But, now is the time to seek help from your GP. They may suggest methods of pain management that surprise you, such as cognitive behavioural therapy – which by itself won’t medically alter the pain but may allow you to think differently about the pain and, in turn, manage day-to-day life better.

*This article is not meant to constitute medical advice. Speak to your GP before making any changes to your diet, exercise, supplement or medication regimes.

Customer Comments

Just had a lovely reading with Angel. She is so kind and enthusiastic and willing to provide guidance. I felt that she was naturally gifted at being guided by her spirits.




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Thank you so much Sandra for assisting me connect with my beloved partner. You gave so much detail around things that only I would have known. You are really gifted and I am very much looking forward to speaking with you again. Love and best wishes to you x.




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Thank you, Ruth, for being so patient and kind on our call. You touched on things I needed to hear and I was so happy to hear from the one person I was seeking guidance from. I will be back. Your gift has opened my eyes up more than you know. Thank you xx



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Thanks so much to John. I've had a few readings with John over this last year and he has really assisted me keep the faith in a situation that has all worked out as he said it would. His advice and insight was spot on and I can't thank you enough x.



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Betty was absolutely wonderful. She was spot on with what she told me. She even mentioned a place in the country that I live without me telling her. She is amazing!




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Must report an astounding reading from John 5152. While I have been privileged to have received readings for many years and all have been so important this from John was more real than you could ever imagine. Relaying messages and comments that could only have come from those I once knew in life and are clearly unchanged in the other. Good work and so important. John has such an impressive gift.



PIN : 5152

I have had several readings with Karen, she has an amazing gift, her readings were spot on in every aspect, she is always cheerful and also a very caring person and has supported me with the loss of my husband. At times I was very down but after a reading with Karen I felt very positive. I can't thank you enough Karen you assisted me so much.




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I have spoken to Mavis on several occasions and I have found her to be absolutely spot on with her guidance, it’s as though she knows me inside out. Mavis has given me a lot of support and I really enjoy my readings as everything she has told me has unfolded within days of our conversations. Mavis is not just a brilliant psychic she is I feel a friend who is there for me whenever I am worried or concerned about life's ups and downs. Thank you, Mavis you always amaze me, with your fabulous readings. Speak to you soon, xx.



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I have spoken to Jasmine many times over the last few years. She feels like a very dear friend and is such a positive person and always uplifts my spirit. She has connected with my mum and dad and brought messages of great comfort. She mainly discusses future events and gives understanding to difficult situations. Jasmine delivers messages in ways I understand. No wonder she is always very busy.



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Robbie is attuned to the high-level spirit realms and has a lot of knowledge about esoteric and spiritual subjects including ascended masters, angels and archangels. He connected to me quickly and gave many deep insights. He is also an author – has written a few books on specialised spiritual subjects. I was impressed with his reading. Thank you very much and God bless you. Hope what you predicted comes to pass, Jenny x.




PIN : 3443

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