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No Religion Needed

You do not need to be particularly religious or spiritual to benefit from this understanding. Mainstream science has verified now what Sages and Holy men have been saying for millennia. Energy is eternal, we are energy, and our focussed intention on something changes the way that it reacts. When we choose to focus on positive outcomes and don’t spend unnecessary time in worry, we tend to have a better experience. This is not to suggest that we ignore what is going on. It just means that we have much more power over the way we feel than anyone else when we first connect to our divine core. And the way we feel alters the way that things turn out. There are so many people that are focussing on positive intention and unconditional love right now that it is uplifting everyone that makes the conscious choice to join in.

The Collective Epiphany

The collective epiphany is that the power of the positive far outweighs the negative. And the positive reinforces itself, so when choosing to use the power of the positive we are helping and helped energetically and distantly by everyone else doing the same.  This will have a Global effect as well as a personal one. The collective will of mankind coming together in positivity and sharing will change the current paradigm immeasurably, irrevocably and speedily into this world being a much more habitable place for everyone. This is already happening in small ways but will rapidly accelerate after the great epiphany.

On a Practical Level

What does this mean on a practical level for you? It means that when you are focussing on what can happen in a negative way. Or focussing on what has happened that is weighing you down in guilt or fear etc. It is keeping you in a cycle of negativity you can break out of much easier than you likely think. And the collective positive energy of the WHOLE of humanity is behind you. The key is realising that you have a choice, and that you are not alone. You have far more power than you believe. The collective negative is too busy feeling sorry for its self, fighting and trying to control others to bind together because it’s foundation is fear. But the opposite is true of the positive because its foundation is love. So, when things look ominous or tragedies happen globally, instead of focussing on just the carnage, look towards the helpers, supporters and heroes. Instead of focussing on what is difficult in your life and how hard you have it. Instead try to focus on your blessings and how great it is that so many people are rooting for you.

The Magic

You are a magical being, and even if you believe yourself to be ordinary, if you just dare to glimpse the magnificence of your true essence, you will begin to feel the wave of positivity that is rising within you, in spite of anyone trying to stop it. You will start to see the amazing resilience and kindness, healing and power that we are truly made of when we all connect our hearts and minds in love.