LoveWe are a funny bunch, us humans, always complicating things and making them much harder than they have to be. According to my guides, we are almost on the precipice of the great epiphany. A collective, telepathic moment in the experience of mankind that helps us let go of the heaviness and pain of the past, and to appreciate the present moment as the gift that it really is. When awful things happen on a personal level or on an international scale it can either cause us to shrink in fear and worry, or inspire us to rise up and only accept that which we deserve – which is love. Each time we make that more positive choice, our actions become softer, kinder and stronger. The love that we open up to within us overflows and we are able to share more authentically with others. The great epiphany will help us make that choice more effectively and consistently.

A long-time customer and client of mine, Roberta Gosden, has released her first book about the journey she took from ill health to enlightenment. How her life improved when she stepped onto the path of service and the channellings she has received. It’s called ‘A Safe Way To Heaven’. I read it when it first came out on kindle and hardback a few weeks ago and found that I couldn’t put it down, reading it in one session. It was a very late bed for me that night. I could feel the energy of the Masters as I read and would highly recommend it. Roberta opened up to the love within her, and the overflowing light transformed into a beautiful work that will help many people.

Each of us has a choice with every step on our journey. The simpler we allow things to be, the easier our life can become. What is making your life difficult, and how much of your energy is being taken up in worry and fear? Sometimes we give so much energy to others and to the worry of what might happen, that we forget about ourselves and feel like a wrung-out rag. This is what is known as magnetic healing. You don’t have to be a Reiki Master to be a healer. We are a healing species and every act of kindness is a form of healing. The thing we need to be conscious of is what kind of healing we are giving. When we give only from our personal energy, we can be seriously drained and our life force depleted, leading to ill health and a negative mindset. When we plug in first to the divine love within us instead, the opposite happens and we form a circuit, which not only gives more effective healing to others, but also energizes us and brings about better health and a more positive outlook.

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