Angel Wing FeathersThroughout the Best Mediums website and certainly in the reader profiles, you will read references to spirit guides, guardian angels, gods and more – but do you really know what they mean and how they differ from one another?

When you have a medium reading, the person you choose will make contact with their and sometimes your spirit guides in order to channel information about your life, to answer your questions and guide you forward.

Spirit Guides

We all have spirit guides, but you may not be aware of yours, whereas a medium will be highly tuned to listening to theirs. Throughout your life you will be accompanied by your spirit guides, they will watch over you will have done so from your first incarnation, and they will stay with you between incarnation as you return to the soul plane.

Experienced mediums very often have specific spirit guides, and they can tell you their name, where they are from and they can even have their own very unique personalities and way of delivering information during a reading. But many of us will have faceless impersonalised spirit guides, but this does not stop them from being a genuine force. They will guide you unconditionally, whilst never interfering with your day to day life.

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels differ to other angels in that they have may have been human at one point – you could even have known them during one of your own incarnations. Other angels never incarnate and this is one way in which they differ to guardian angels.

A good example of guardian angels is when they incarnate as a beloved family member such as a grandparent, so they can feel close to you and guide you through a difficult time in your life. These types are normally referred to as personal guardian angels, as they are very specific to you as an individual. The signals they send you will have very special significance that you will take as a ‘sign’ from them as opposed to a coincidence. They may also come to you in dreams or just in your intuition when making decisions.

Ascended Masters

Some readers will connect with ascended masters (sometimes called master spirits) who are individuals who have reached a higher state of spiritual awareness by a process of ascension. They are great prophets and teachers who would once have lived on Earth, but now from their divine place in heaven offer their services to all humanity.