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A little more useful information on mediums & mediumship, before your reading...

About Mediumship

What are Mediums?

A medium is one who naturally tunes in to the spirit world using spirit guides. Mediums often encounter visions or experiences where they believe a departed spirit who has passed over comes to them and seeks to channel information through them. There are many types of mediums, some are natural mediums from birth, and others have developed mediumship type skills along with psychic abilities. Others are more formally recognised within the Spiritualist movement and become platform mediums. These are mediums that stand in front of a gathering of Spiritualist believers and deliver messages from the spirit world to those present at the gathering.

Telephone Mediums use their skills to tune into the other world or ether and get messages from beyond. When a Medium sits face to face with their clients, they say it is easier to pick up on their spiritual aura and the guides or departed ones present. However, it is possible to give distance readings by relying completely on their guides. To do distant readings, the medium will first tune in to their guides and ask the guides of the caller to bring those around them in spirit close to reveal themselves. At this point, visions, words, images, feelings and spiritual experiences occur by flooding into the mediums subconscious. When Mediums are delivering such visions or messages to their clients they will describe their guide or the spirits present and ask them to show them an image or give them a message. Often Mediums thank their guides as they are giving the information.

Spirit guides can appear in many forms. Often they appear as women or men of history, Roman soldiers, Persian warrior’s Egyptian noblewomen, Chinese medicine men etc. Each Medium can have one or many guides. Guides are often confused with Angels. However, Angels perform a slightly different function in that they are there to protect or give messages from the One Eternal Spirit or God, as some prefer to refer to that Spirit, in the form of prophecy or enlightenment.

Sometimes mediums will go into great description of the person or the scene they are visualising. Often the image has particular relevance to the caller such as someone close to them handing out a particular flower or wearing a particular bracelet etc. The Medium is simply a channel as they describe the person or scene. Often the person will talk to the Medium and pass on messages from the spirit world to those still on the earthly plain.

Do call our Mediums. Of course we all have to live and eat and so we do make a charge. But we are sincere and kind. We are called to this work and want to assist you in connecting to your guides and to enable you through life’s sometimes difficult journey. We offer a 24-hour service 365 days a year. So there is never a time when you cannot get hold of us. Find out now what your loved one wants to tell you!

About Best Mediums

Best Mediums has grown from a need for folk to get sincere answers and to guide those with folks who have passed over. Readers at Best Mediums are pure mediums, who work with their spirit guides to find answers to life’s burning questions.

All readers are natural mediums from birth and many become registered with different qualifying bodies. All have considerable experience with Mediumship over the telephone and most have also done courses in Mediumship and some are involved with Spiritualist Churches and do Platform Work. The aim is simply to support folks coming to terms with their loss of a loved one.

Many psychic medium readers have mediumship skills and use tarot cards, crystal gazing, runes and other methods to assist them in divining a person's future. These Psychic Mediums work in both areas of spiritual readings: psychic on the earth plane and mediumship on the spiritual plane. Pure Spiritual Mediums work with pure spirit energy on a slightly different level and in a slightly different way. All Best Mediums are natural, sincere and friendly. Mediums, like psychics, can also give advice for one's future. Mediums do this by giving out what they believe their guides are telling them. This is where a medium, through his guides is foretelling the future path you are being guided to take in a loving and caring way. These messages are often termed medium prophecies. A Spirit Guide is one who brings forward other spirits to the Mediums attention or who carries messages between a Medium and those that have passed over. Mediums cannot force departed spirits to get in touch and indeed some folk believe this to be impossible. However, mediums believe it is departed spirits who seek to make contact and the medium believes they are used as a channel as they wish to bring comfort and joy back into the lives of those who continue to live.

Folk from all walks of life call Best Mediums; men and women of different ages, ethnicities, and religious beliefs, particularly when struggling with the loss of a loved one or needing comfort to know all is well and it is not the end. Some specific situations can arise: In the event of a sudden death, often both sides are left with a feeling that things were left unsaid. Perhaps there was not enough time to say goodbye, or to tell each other how they felt. Sometimes when someone has suffered for a long time with an illness, we think that we are ready for them to leave us and yet when the time comes we find we are not coping as well as we thought. When people have had a very good relationship with a person, for instance a grandparent, they just want to try to make contact to feel reassured of their ongoing presence in their life. Some people want to seek guidance from the person who has passed away...

Normally when speaking to a Medium they will be able to tell you that someone is trying to make contact. They often describe what they are wearing, their name, their occupation or other details to allow you to recognize them. It's possible they have a question for you, or a message to send you.