facesWelcome to Face Reading part two, if you missed part one then click here for the original post.

Beyond the face shape there are many other things to consider: hair, eyes, the nose, the mouth, the ears and moles:


Fine – Sensitive but possibly physically fragile

Thick & Wiry – Rises to challenges, robust health

Curly – Energetic and active

Straight – Relaxed and easy going

Long – Practical and considerate

Short – Dynamic and decisive

Shaved – Intense and restless

A High Crown – Confident, ambitious person – possibly bossy

A Low Crown – Insecure and can feel inferior


Large – Friendly and open, needs variety, has wide perspective

Small – Difficult to get to know, excels in details, can have narrow perspective

Widely Spaced – Versatile and broadminded, Interested in anything and everything

Closely Spaced – Excellent concentration, likes routine, can be narrow minded

Deep-Set – Can be secretive, private, doesn’t reveal too much initially

Protruding – Curious, enthusiastic but easily bored

Upward Slanting – An optimist – will get what they want as they are not afraid to ask

Downward Slanting – Can be pessimistic – may find it difficult to stand up to others

Uneven Set – Excellent analyser, unique and will view the world in an unusual way

Large Iris – An emotional but kind person

White above the Iris – Handle carefully – they have a temper

White below the Iris – They can find life difficult and can be hard to please

Eyebrows are more difficult to interpret as many people wax, thread and pluck them. But generally speaking if the brow is strong and long it means the person is vital and has strength and energy, if the brows are naturally short or sparse, they will be less physically robust and will have to work harder to make an impression in the world.


Prominent - Emotionally up and down, but driven

Small – In control emotionally, but shy

Long – Better when concentrating on one thing at a time

Wide – Sociable with wide-ranging interests, but finds decisions difficult

Bulbous – Their life is ruled by their gut – they make emotional decisions

Hard Tipped – They are rational and objective, but will ignore emotions

Indented – Their life will be a roller-coaster of feelings

Nostrils – Slightly hidden means financial success, flared means they are a multi-tasker, narrow – specialises in one thing at a time.


Wide – Friendly and generous

Narrow – Self-sufficient and independent

Full – Sensual, needs enjoyment

Thin – Serious, can be self-centred

Downward Curve – Discontented

Upward Curve – Easy-going and friendly


Protruding - Has strong opinions

Set Close - Cautious and thrifty

Large - Intelligent and lively

Small - Health conscious and instinctive

Fleshy Lobes - Reliable and motivated

Small Lobes - Can be easily deterred


On the Forehead or Temple (on the right) – Money and success

On the Forehead or Temple (on the left) – Fortunes will fluctuate

On the Eyebrow – Happy domestic life

Between the Eyebrows – Fiery temper

On the Nose (Right) – Likes a change of scene

On the Nose (Left) – Changeable personality

On the Cheek (Right) – Successful

On the Cheek (Left) – Success will be difficult to achieve

On the Lip – Sensual personality

On the Chin – Has plenty of common sense, good fortune will increase with age

On the Ear – Can be jealous and gossipy

On the Neck – Artistic – expect windfalls

Now you have all of the tools to properly assess a person’s face – but as they say don’t judge a book by its cover!

Ref: The Fortune-Tellers Bible by Jane Struthers