facesRoman Philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero said “The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter.” And those that read faces would agree that the face can speak volumes about your character and even that how you look will influence the path you take through life…

Face reading is a popular form of divination in China, although it can be traced to Europe in Victorian times when (physiognomy) – Face reading and (phrenology) – Reading bumps on the head was popular. But whether you realise it not all of us do a certain amount of face reading naturally when we meet someone for the first time. We might make assumptions about whether they drink a lot of alcohol based on their nose, we might guess at whether someone has had plastic surgery based on their actual age and how old they look, and each of these findings rightly or wrongly will cause us to make assumptions about their character and personality and the type of life they lead. The question is whether our assumptions have any real grounding?

You can try these simple steps on yourself or on friends and family as a starting point:

Face Shape

Women are likely to have already encountered face shape, when thinking about makeup and hairstyles. But here is what they mean in terms of face reading. Bear in mind that often we are not a perfect match to any shape; rather we are made up of two shapes.

Oval (Metal Face)

This person is likely to be attractive, creative, sensitive and with a good sense of humour. Often they will have a pale complexion and eyebrows, wide cheekbones, clear eyes and straight hair.

Long & Narrow (Wood Face)

People with a wood face are planners, they can become frustrated if blocks are put up in their way, and they always seek to move forward with new ideas and to grow. They have wide foreheads with fine hair and eyebrows.

Square & Short (Earth Face)

As you might expect earth types are reliable and resourceful, they can be traditional in their thoughts and as such resistant to change. They usually have large mouths and a strong jaw line, deep voices and are of stocky build.

Soft & Round (Water Face)

Water types are empathetic and sensitive, they are highly tuned to their own and others emotions. Friends will find it easy to talk to them, but sometimes they will run out of self-motivation. They can be a little rounded in the body as well as in the face; often they have dark hair and large expressive eyes.

Long, Narrow & Pointed Chin (Fire Face)

Fire faces mean risk takers; they grab life and spread their enthusiasm wherever they go. This person is hard to tie down; their thoughts and movements are all quick. Hair and eyebrows can be a bit wiry and even unruly, they often have narrow foreheads.

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Ref: The Fortune-Tellers Bible by Jane Struthers