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18th Jan 2013

Chakra Diagram

Chakra ChartChakra is the Hindu and Buddhist belief of life forces within the body, these are centres of Prana. Chakras are the vital points of energy in the physical body, these correspond to our major branches of arteries, veins and nerves. The name Chakra actually comes from the Sanskrit (an ancient Indo-Aryan language) word for wheel or turning.

A Chakra has been described as a spinning wheel that forms a vortex and sucks in all vibrations and energies around us. Our body is said to have hundreds of Chakras that are key to our operation. These “spinning-wheels” draw in the coded information of vibrations and energy on any spectrum including ultra violet light, microwave energy or even another person’s aura.  This means that our chakras have a big influence on our bodies depending on the energy around us; this is why other people’s moods can end up affecting us. As well as drawing in energy our chakras also radiate out our own energy vibration. 

Chakras connect us on number of levels; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. On the physical level we have seven main chakras, each governs a main organ or gland within our body, these are then connected to the other chakras within our body that resonate on the same frequency. The seven main chakras are: the crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, spleen, and root. These chakras correspond to the pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, gonad and adrenal glands in our body. To balance our chakras whether on a physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual level our chakra has a colour vibration. From top to bottom these seven colours are; violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

We talked about the many different types of energy that our chakras can be effected by; these include cosmic rays, gamma rays, radio waves and visible light. The sun is a massive source of energy providing us with light, heat and energy to sustain every living thing on this earth. The colours within visible light that you can see in a prism or the seven colours of the rainbow have a deep connection to the chakras. Each colour of the light has a different wavelength and vibration frequency, each affect us differently. For example red has the longest wavelength which means it has the slowest vibration frequency which we feel as warm and stimulating. At the other end of the scale violet has the shortest wavelength and the fastest frequency which we recognise as cool and calming.

The light and colours have physical effects on our body, we see light with our eyes which in turn gets processed by the retina and via the optic nerve and visual cortex sends signals to our glands. Our glands trigger hormone secretions in various parts of the body which affect our chakra system. It has been proven that certain colours can calm the mind while others can stimulate it. Knowing the associated colours of each chakra can mean that we can influence them with colour, for example somebody with a headache may use a purple or violet stone to place on the head which is the colour of the crown chakra connected to the pineal gland. Practitioners of chakra have used this system for many years and it is a very effective way of influencing our bodies using chakras.

Customer Comments

I have used this site for many years and spoke to many readers who are all very good but Robbie is simply the best and so talented, spot on with everything and a really nice person, he connects with your spirits and tells you honestly what’s going on, a great medium and a lovely man, thank you Robbie.




PIN : 3443

I had a reading with Teya today. I was blown away by her understanding of my current situation. She made some very positive predictions and advice. I look forward to the outcome. Teya has a lovely warm personality and it radiates in her voice. Towards the end of the reading at my request she brought through some family members who passed over. I found her descriptions and messages spot on! I would love to connect with her again. Many thanks.



Psychic Medium Teya

PIN : 3691

I had my first reading with Vanessa today. I was very impressed that she brought my late father through and described him in great detail. Vanessa has a lovely empathetic manner. She picked up in great detail my current situation and described a wonderful outcome to my questions. I was blown away by her understanding of myself as a person! She gave me a tremendous boost to my wellbeing.



Vanessa, PIN: 3900

PIN : 3900

John is so gifted, absolutely brilliant, the best medium I have ever known! He has assisted me and many others more than he will ever know xxx Thank you.



PIN : 5152

Bryony is an amazing reader. She is a very lovely, friendly and honest reader. All of my readings have been done with insights and guidance. Bryony really wants the best for her clients and has supported me a lot over the last 4 years. I would highly recommend her. She’s the very best and does not ask lots of questions and always picks up on my situation now and in the future. Absolutely amazing lady.




PIN : 2727

Just had a lovely reading with Angel. She is so kind and enthusiastic and willing to provide guidance. I felt that she was naturally gifted at being guided by her spirits.




PIN : 1441

Thank you so much Sandra for assisting me connect with my beloved partner. You gave so much detail around things that only I would have known. You are really gifted and I am very much looking forward to speaking with you again. Love and best wishes to you x.




PIN : 2662

Thank you, Ruth, for being so patient and kind on our call. You touched on things I needed to hear and I was so happy to hear from the one person I was seeking guidance from. I will be back. Your gift has opened my eyes up more than you know. Thank you xx



PIN : 2022

Thanks so much to John. I've had a few readings with John over this last year and he has really assisted me keep the faith in a situation that has all worked out as he said it would. His advice and insight was spot on and I can't thank you enough x.



PIN : 5152

Must report an astounding reading from John 5152. While I have been privileged to have received readings for many years and all have been so important this from John was more real than you could ever imagine. Relaying messages and comments that could only have come from those I once knew in life and are clearly unchanged in the other. Good work and so important. John has such an impressive gift.



PIN : 5152

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