CoffeeThe British will always love a cup or pot of tea, but you only need to look at any high-street, to know that we have embraced another hot beverage in a big way. I am of course talking about Coffee!

There is no doubt though, that ordering coffee has become, like many things in the modern world – a complicated business.

So, in readiness for your next coffee-shop outing, we give you a rundown on some of the coffee offerings out there…


We start with the Espresso, as it is the foundation for many other drinks. It is literally a shot of strong coffee. In Europe often served as a ‘double’ with or as breakfast, by means of waking you up. Generally, no milk/cream is added, but a lovely appearance of ‘crema’ should be on the top. Some might add a dash of sugar, just to edge out any bitterness.


Sometimes called a Café Americano, as its base is a single or double shot of Espresso, that is topped up with hot water to provide a longer, milder drink. Then milk, cream, sugar is added to taste.


The cappuccino is highly popular, more so in some countries than others, and as such there are variances in how it is prepared. But essentially it is a mix of coffee, hot milk and steamed milk foam. The latter being added to the top of the drink, in part to retain the drinks heat. In the UK chocolate is often sprinkled on the finished drink.


A latte tends to be a milder milkier drink, and is especially popular in the UK from large coffee chains. It is more calorific than a Cappuccino due to its ratio of espresso to milk, generally a little foam tops of the drink.

Flat White

Flat Whites are thought to originate from New Zealand/Australia. They can be quite hard to make for the Barista, as a result of how the milk is steamed and poured from the bottom of the jug. These drinks are nearly always short drinks, with the milk topping a single espresso shot.


The Cortado is popular in Spain/Portugal, and the special glass cup/metal cage it is served in has often come across as well. It is an espresso, with a small amount of steamed milk. Perfect for when you want that ‘wake-me-up’ feeling, but its later in the day.

Iced Coffee

An iced coffee: you tend to either love them or hate them! Originally brewed coffee was allowed to go cold, before being made into an iced drink. But very often now a ‘cold-brewed’ method is applied, stopping the bitter taste that can come with the cold coffee beverage. There are many variations on the drinks add-ins and appearance.

However you take yours – enjoy!