Ribbon MagicYou might think to yourself ‘I’ve never heard of ‘Ribbon Magic’. But it’s quite possible, you’ve even done a little bit of ribbon reading, without realising it!

I bet there have been times in your life, when you have absentmindedly twisted and played with a length of fabric. It might have been an elastic band, a dressing gown belt, a piece of string… and you tied it in a knot. Folk have even been known to do this with their hair! Oftentimes when we carry out this distracted type of activity, it is because we are puzzling over an issue.

Well in essence the above is a description of a basic form of Ribbon Magic.

  • Take a piece of ribbon.
  • Think about a problem in your life, that you would like to work on, or get answers for.
  • As you think of the issue – tie a knot in the ribbon.
  • You untie the not when the difficulty has been resolved.

This is a very simple ‘spell’, with the tying of the knot representing your ability to solve the issue, and the undoing of the knot symbolising the problem being dealt with.

Another way to use Ribbon Magic, is not regarding a problem – but of an intention.

  • Take either one ribbon, or a selection of colours that could enhance your intention (see list below).
  • Think about your ‘intention’. This could be, for example, doing well at a job interview, overcoming nerves for a first date, starting a new hobby…
  • Whilst thinking about your intention, knot or even plait the ribbons together.
  • Untie the ribbon(s), on the relevant day, as your success comes about.

Choosing Ribbons

With Christmas around the corner, it is likely you will have ribbon of all sorts of colours at home for present wrapping. But really you can use anything that speaks to you, from garden twine to wool. Knots don’t need to be overly complicated, and remember you need to be able to undo it!

Choosing Colours

Black: For removing spells and curses.

Blue: Wellbeing, perception and knowledge.

Brown: To feel at home and at peace in your own skin.

Green: Prosperity – both in terms of fertility and financially.

Gold: When you need to invoke a male energy (Sun God).

Pink: Romance, affection and love.

Red: Desire, lust and passion.

Silver: When you need to invoke a female energy (Moon Goddess).

White: Vigour, vitality and harmony.

Yellow: For creative energy and stimulating ideas.