Akatriel is an angel who works very closely with God. You might sometimes hear him referred to as an Angel of Presence. Oftentimes angelic guidance can be very subtle, but with Akatriel you should be under no illusion that you are getting wisdom, as if it is was the voice of God.

The wisdom that Akatriel brings, is powerful, thoughtful and direct, but don’t misunderstand, he is not overwhelming. You will still be very much able to distinguish your own thoughts and feeling.

So, when should you invoke Akatriel’s assistance?

  • When you are required to lead.
  • When you need to have faith in your decisions, intuition and judgement.
  • In times of hardship.
  • At junctures when you need to feel in-control. Reinforcing the fact that you control your own destiny.

Akatriel is most definitely an angel representing justice. He reminds us that we all have a glory and spark with-in, and we must not let this be drowned out by comparisons with others.


The ‘Mercy of God’ is how Archangel Jeremiel is often known, this title gives you a hint into his special qualities. He is compassionate and comforting, and above all teaches being merciful, both to ourselves and others. He is a fantastic angel to invoke when you need respect and love to rise above all else.

Jeremiel is often depicted in a deep purple, this is no accident – it is of course the colour associated with spiritual awareness.

When is Jeremiel’s support most beneficial?

  • If you have a difficult and hard decision to make.
  • When you need to be able to discover a ‘silver lining’ in a situation.
  • To assist you in getting over past mistakes and hurt, so you can move forward.
  • When you seek the facts and clarity.

Jeremiel is a great angel to call upon when you are a at a crossroads. Whenever you are taking some sort of review of your life. If you are trying to decide what works in your life and what doesn’t, whether it is a job, family, partner, money, friends or more.

Why not let these two angels support you in removing some barriers, that are stopping you positively progressing in life? At the same time as uncovering some hidden blessings!