MabonMabon is another term for the Autumn Equinox, it was used in mid-20th century, and is believed to derive from a Welsh folklore figure – Mabon vab Modron. To the Romans he was called Maponus and he was associated with music and poetry but also hunting.


Celebrations of this time focus on harvesting crops; wine was prevalent and the theme was one of justice and balance. Fittingly then, it is Libra (justice scales) that dominate this period astrologically speaking. Constellations Taurus, Ursa Minor, Pegasus and Cassiopeia are also seen in the night skys.

Pagan Tree Calendar

Staying with astrology, the Full Moon after Autumn Equinox is also associated with the first day in the Pagan tree calendar and is all about Ivy. If you think about Ivy and how it manages to grow everywhere and anywhere despite other plants and conditions. Then you will understand it being associated with this period, with a backdrop of endurance. Even when trees are bare from losing their autumn foliage, Ivy stays green. It is of course also considered a fairy world gateway! You may often see butterflies in and around Ivy, also representing an earthly form of fairies.

So, how can you embrace the period of Mabon?

  • Now is a time to complete tasks, don’t leave projects and jobs half-finished.


  • Long-term goals can be met during this period.


  • It is time to let go of the past, equally recognise your mistakes and vow to move forward.


  • If you are in an argument with anyone, now is the time to bury the hatchet.


  • Material security should be reviewed, now may be the time to consolidate finances.


  • Health is also implicated, particularly long-term or chronic conditions. Are you doing everything you should to manage your illness?


  • Family, lovers and friendships – it’s time to take a long hard look. Are all of the relationships in your life strong and nourishing?


  • You may have anxiety around job security, and if you are older, retirement planning may be on your mind. Now is not a time to bury your head in the sand – be honest, and take stock.

Celebrate Mabon

To really celebrate the season why not consider gathering your loved ones for a Mabon feast? Decorate with lovely autumnal produce and colours. The energy of the event should be one of reconciliation, healing, strength and new beginning