Indoor PlantsHaving house-plants had fallen out of favour in recent times, but now retro plants and having plants indoors is making a comeback.

It maybe that this bringing greenery inside trend has come about more from an interiors and design perspective, but in fact there are many reasons why having plants in the home can be good for your health.

Reasons for having greenery inside:

  • Having indoor plants is thought to reduce stress levels for those occupying the spaces, as well as improving mood.


  • Certain plants in particular improve air quality in the home.


  • Research suggests that having plants strategically placed can increase our attention span, and improve productivity, as well as speed of reactions.


  • Physical benefits may include: increased pain tolerance, reduced blood pressure, a reduction in fatigue, less headaches and better breathing.

For a better atmosphere and air quality:

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), are one of the things that impacts a homes air quality. These compounds are emitted from things like soft furnishings, paints as well as the detergents we use to clean and maintain our houses.

Certain plants are very good at removing these potentially harmful compounds from the atmosphere: Fern, Dragon Plants, Spider Plants and English Ivy would all be good options.

Other great houseplant options:

For the Bathroom:

Chinese Evergreen – Low light, check water every couple of days (less needed in winter).

Broadleaf Lady Palm – Low light, needs watering every two to three days – year-round.

For the Bedroom:

Peace Lily – Indirect sun, summer – water daily, winter – water weekly.

Sansevieria(snake plant) – Minimal direct sunlight, once or twice a month for watering – less in winter.

For the Kitchen:

Aloe Vera – Needs a bright sunny spot, only needs watering once or twice a month (less in winter).

African Violet – Indirect sunlight, don’t waterlog – but check and water every few days if needed.

For the living room:

Weeping Fig – Indirect sunlight, keep moist especially in winter (water every few days).

Red Edged Dracaena – Moderate sun, just water once a week (maybe less in winter).