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By Reader John, PIN: 5152

The second historical reference to a prophet is one of the male sex. His name was RAMA. The exact date of his birth is unknown, what is known, is that, he became a threat to Voulspa when her intuition and power was waning. He was educated in the arts and sciences and believed that science, philosophy, and religion were part of life. He stated that to know life, one must study all three.

It was many years later that other less advanced, within the spiritual concepts of life, decided as in politics, that 3 kings of diverse opinions would be better to confuse life, so no one would understand. This is called empire building.

Rama was most concerned over the human sacrifices demanded by Voluspa and her followers. While his concern about the sacrifices was taking up much of his attention, a devastating plague began to infect and kill the people. Rama believed it was a visitation of TUET-TAD or God, and it was happening to punish them, because of the sacrificial destruction of lives.

One day while pondering some way to stop the plague, that was creating so much illness and death, he seated himself beneath an oak tree to rest and fell asleep. As he awoke a spirit, dressed in white garments, (the dress of the Druid prophets) appeared at his side. The spirit took him by the hand, and led him to a mistletoe tree. The spirit removed a branch with berries on it, and said this is the remedy you have been seeking.

Rama was given full instructions on preparing the medication. The remedy was administered, the people became well. He called the spirit, which had given the knowledge of the preparation to him, ‘AESCUPALIUS’ meaning the genius of medicine.

Rama commemorated the event by allocating, a day of feasting, he called it NEWHEYL or NEW HEALTH DAY. It was later called NOEL DAY, and eventually became CHRISTMAS.

At the time Voluspa’s power was waning, although she still held authority, she envisioned Rama as a rival. She tried to mock him, but it failed. Voluspa had created a malignancy within her order, and because of the abuse of her psychic and spiritual powers, Rama gradually became the leader of the people.

During all these times of change, Rama’s guides and teachers were constantly with him. One day they told him to abolish the sacrifices and heal the sick. He was led by spirit to use herbs and was told how to prepare them. The spirit said that for every disease there was a cure in nature. He was most successful with the use of herbs, plus his own healing abilities.

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