Automatic WritingAutomatic Writing is a skill associated alongside mediumship, whereby the medium acts as a communication channel for a spirit in the form of writing to pass on information to the living, very often in an attempt to deal with ‘unfinished business’. By the Second World War the form of divination was waning, but it saw a revival in the 70s, but during that phase it was more about angelic wisdom and messages from wise masters. The authenticity of the communicator was often evaluated based on the hand-writing style that the medium found themselves writing in.

There have been times in society when automatic writing was considered more of a treatment than a divination, the belief being that they were just writing down what was trapped in their sub-conscious, and that getting these thoughts onto paper was a valuable form of therapy.

Others considered that the process was more connected to telepathy, and that as such they could carry out the exercise on the living as well as those that had passed. A person would simply write down the messages that they received telepathically relating to a friend or loved one.

Some of automatic writing in the form of divination is considered to be symbolic, as opposed to actual or literal, in much the same way that a reader would interpret a Tarot card, the meaning would be interpreted based on any number of factors, the spread, the position of the card, the other cards, the answers they were seeking and so on. In automatic writing, some things written down may not be considered factual, but a representation of what their guided hand had told them to write/draw and should then be interpreted from there.

How Does Automatic Writing Feel & Look Like?

  • Those who carry out automatic writing, very often will get a tingling sensation in their arm or hand before they are about to receive a message.
  • The writer may appear as if in a trance-like state, generally they will write much faster than they would normally, as if the pace at which they are receiving the information is faster than the hands ability to put pen to paper.
  • The writing is likely to not look anything like their normal hand-writing, and they are unlikely to replicate it outside of transposing a spirit communication. The writing may be different for every person that sends messages. Some words may appear joined up, a more literal translation perhaps of how they have been said, as opposed to proper English (maybe taking into account the accent of when they were living).
  • Occasionally the writing will not be standard, i.e. written in sentences from left to right. But may appear in mirror script or could be written from top to bottom or even diagonally. The reason for this may become clear during the reading.
  • It is possible that the person writing may not be fully conversant with what they are being asked to write, for example Bible passages may be quoted, or a foreign language used, or some text written in verse. Whilst this is a puzzle to them, very often it will make sense to the person they are reading for.

Automatic writing is not a very common skill nowadays, and part of its dwindling popularity may be that sometimes the messages could become confused. If the medium reading had a more dominant personality than the person trying to convey messages, there was a possibility that the writer could influence what was being passed on as communications. If you like, in the process of trying to convey messages from spirit, their own personalities and spiritualty emerges and their own ideas are expressed. This is not desirable for any party, as the meaning of a reading is never to intrude on the consciousness.

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Ref: Encyclopedia of Magic & Ancient Wisdom, Cassandra Eason