Devil & AngelLet’s be honest all of us have a little bit of devil inside us!

Often when we talk about heaven, we also acknowledge the opposite – being hell. And with that comes ‘Angels’ and ‘Devils’. What you might find interesting is that some say there is a hierarchy system with devils in much the same way there is with angels with Satan falling right to the bottom in the lowest part of Hell, and others not quite so evil in the upper layers. Humans are supposed to be somewhere between angels and devils!

Each of us will have a unique take on what a devil means to us – in some cases it will be a monster type figure, burning in fire or red with horns…But in other cases it will just represent fears that we have or difficult choices we have to make. As an adult we often have to take the high road, make a tough decision or do something that we do not want to do. Most of us will have been in that scenario with a devil on one shoulder telling us to just do what we want, and never mind the consequences – but then the angel side will kick in, to tell us what the better choice would be. Whatever the issue; in many cases facing our fears and having faith in making the right decision will see off our personal demons.

I’m sure you will have have heard of Lucifer (meaning Giver of Light), whom we think of as the devil – but in fact at one point he was the closest Archangel to God. The story goes that Adam (the first man), requested that the archangels bow before him, and when Lucifer refused to do so, God banished him from heaven. Lucifer couldn’t let things lie and in anger challenged God’s rule, for this he was punished by Archangel Michael and was cast into the abyss that we now know as hell.

Some say, Lucifer still did not go without a fight and took a third of the angels with him to hell; together they became known as ‘fallen angels’ – it is they who tempt humans into doing wrong unto themselves and others and as such they lure them away from an eternal hopeful life. They also see it as their mission to punish those that have sinned!

Of course one of the most famous stories of temptation is that of Eve being tempted to bite an apple of knowledge, from Satan who was in the Garden of Eden in the form of a snake.

Now people will refer to the devil by many names: The Prince of Evil, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, The Prince of Darkness and more…But if you are fighting your own personal demons then give one of the Best Mediums readers a call…

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