Moon PhasesFor centuries many have believed that the moon and the different phases it goes through has a powerful effect on our behaviour. Just like what horoscope sign you were born under can impact your personality traits, so can the moon phase that you were born under.

Understanding a bit about moon phases and the impact it can have on your life, allows you to turn the unique energies to your advantage, so you are coordinating your life with the natural rhythm of the phases to produce better outcomes.

The following celebrities were born under a New Moon:

Cindy Crawford, Kate Upton, Lana Del Ray, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Hurley, Mayim Bialik and Prince William to name a few. They share in common a spontaneous quality. They are not ones for planning ahead, and when they do things will often not be successful. They need to live in the moment, not the past and as such life is treated like an adventure playground, where the possibilities are endless…Over time they learn to trust their intuition and to respond more instinctively to people and situations. They don’t need a road map in life, they will get to their destination how and when they please. They can come across as self-involved, but this is only because they see their quest in the world as a need to explore and see where they fit in to the grander scheme.

Keira Knightley along with Jenson Button and Michelle Obama were born under a Waxing Crescent Moon.

Those born under this moon type are likely to be assertive and curious about life. They have creative personalities and are adventurous by nature. They need people in their lives that will present them with fresh ideas and new perspectives. They always feel the need to be challenged and want to learn new things. Having said that there is something traditional about them and occasionally their need for convention will clash with new ideas; they do not do well when their plans are restricted. Often these moon types will have had to overcome some obstacles early on in order to achieve what they want to. But in doing so they gain great success particularly in their 20’s and 30’s.

Naomi Watts along with Natalie Portman and Rita Ora were born under a First Quarter Moon.

Those born under a First Quarter Moon would be described as head strong, animated and optimistic. They are go-getters, constantly both physically and mentally active. They have inquiring minds and will question things…They can come across as challenging and argumentative, but if this energy is channelled in the right way it will provide interesting solutions to problems as they arise. They will spend their lives striving to be the best, and their greatest achievements are likely to come in their 30’s and 40’s when they have calmed down, have gained life experience and can really bring something to the table. They are not ones to dwell on the past, always believing that there is a way to improve on things for the future.

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