Chinese New Year 2016 Year of the MonkeyChinese New Year

2016 brings in the Year of the Monkey, commencing at the beginning of Chinese New Year on February 8th. The animal sign of the monkey will run until the 27th Jan 2017, and then the next day begins a New Year and a change to the Rooster.

Previous Monkey Years have been:

1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992 & 2004

Following 2016 the next Monkey cycle will be in 2028

If you were born in a Monkey year then future monkey years can be unlucky, for example if you were born in 1968, then you were born in a Monkey year and now 2016 is a Monkey year. This is not just unique to the Monkey sign; Chinese Astrologers believe that your birth sign is the most unlucky in the 12 year cycle. So you should take extra special care of all aspects of your life from your health, to love to career to money and try to instil more luck in your life.

To help you on your way, here are some things considered to be unlucky and lucky for Monkey’s in 2016:


The numbers 7 & 2 and any combination of them

The colours red and pink

Directions – South and South East

Chinese lunar months – 7 & 11


The numbers 9 & 4 and any combination of them

The colours gold, blue and white

Directions – North, North West and West

Chinese lunar months – 8 & 12 and the 14th & 28th of any Chinese lunar calendar month.

Flower – Chrysanthemum

Personality Traits

Those with a Monkey zodiac sign are normally considered to be intelligent, quick-witted and charismatic. They will do well in their careers and also in gathering wealth. They are unfaltering honest, but also gentle – both things help them to achieve everlasting love in their relationships. Their enviable traits are enthusiasm, being sociable, they are innovative and self-assured. But Monkeys are not without their shortcomings, they can be impetuous, show a temper, and be selfish and or arrogant as well as looking down on others.


Ref: China Highlights