Secret Garden Colouring BookColour Therapy, sometimes called Chromatherapy, Colourology or Light Therapy means to restore good health or improve health by adding or taking away colours from a person’s environment.

Healing through colour has a rich history through the ages, it has been used for thousands of years in China, it makes up part of the Ayurvedic medicine philosophy and Babylonians considered the power of light to me the ‘medicine of the Gods’.

We know that Egyptians used jewellery – amulets of coloured stones to treat different illnesses:


Red: To treat disease

Yellow: For happiness and prosperity

Blue: To reduce blood pressure

Red: To increase blood pressure and metabolic rate

Blue: To decrease respiration and perspiration

Orange: To raise the pulse

Pink: To calm and soothe


In more modern times people have used colour to influence their mood and behaviour through all manner of ways: paint colour in a room to invoke energy or calm, different coloured china to reduce appetite, sunlight appliances to overcome SAD, eating the rainbow of vegetables for good health and of course clothing colours to feel powerful, feminine and more…

But now I think there is a new colour therapy sweeping the globe and it is much more literal – colouring books for adults!

It may surprise you to know that up to 50% of Amazon’s best sellers list in recent weeks have been made up of colouring books aimed at adults.

So, just what is behind this modern phenomenon? Well – health! People are nostalgic for the past, and many find the art of colouring in deeply relaxing. In a modern world with many of us stressed much of the time, we find it hard to wind-down and are constantly in a decision making mode. Colouring in, switches the brain from decision-making and problem-solving mode and being alert and attentive to switching to ambient activity. The brain becomes satisfied that it has something to do, and does not become frustrated or bored as can happen when a high-energy person tries to relax, but instead focuses on the simple task of colouring in. This switch can really help people with tendencies towards insomnia, anxiety and even depression.

So, all you need to worry about is what colours to choose and staying in the lines!