BridesmaidsWhen we decide to get married or make a commitment to the person you love it is important to pick the right colour co-ordination for your theme; but just what are the meanings behind what the colours represent – here are a few interpretations for your perusal:


Peace, comfort, purity and innocence – choosing this colour shows that your perception of getting married should be one of order and simplicity. It shows that you are an independent person and want to be treated equal to your partner, and that you know in your own mind what you want and in what order things have to be done.


This colour depicts a person who is very genuine and honest. This also shows that you are a person who is gentle and loving and needs to have the same from your chosen partner. People coming to your wedding can see that you are classy and organised. At the same time as being traditional, practical and down to earth. You would be a person of morals and would expect others to be the same, once married – you are married for life.


Well what a fantastic colour, especially if you want to make a statement and show people that you mean business and that you know what you want! This colour shows that you are confident and that you need like-minded people around you. Your partner would have to show you that they are enthusiastic about you and that you are their one and only no matter what. This also shows that you are a person that likes to take charge and control and would oversee any projects that you do.


What a motivational colour – this person would show warmth, happiness and are definitely friendly, almost to the point of being very motherly. This colour at a wedding would show that the bride is adventurous, competitive and a bit of a party animal but would also show that they need and like the more expensive things in life and this would show in their lifestyle.


If you pick this colour for your flowers/bridesmaids dresses – then this shows you are a person of good communication, creative and practical but also showing that you are entering into a new life as yellow symbolises newness. Your partner would have to be impulsive but also has to accept that you need your independence and that you have your own mind. You can be very strong-willed however your warmth and cheerfulness win people over.


This is a colour that represents a loving and sensitive woman/man that is very approachable and friendly – everyone’s friend and confidant whose warmth and sensitivity lures people to them. There can be a girly and immature element to pink, but overall the colour is positive, those that love pink can be very inspiring to others. The groom will have to have unconditional love and show appreciation at all times, this person needs to see love not just feel it.


Well everybody knows that green represents calm and peacefulness; well that is just what you need when you are planning a wedding. The person who has picked this colour would be grounded, nurturing and compassionate, although there is an element of anxiousness, needing things to be perfect. If this person entwines with someone who is bothered by the finer details they would get bored easily because it is the bigger things that they like to deal with.


This colour shows that this person loves anything to do with relaxing, they are not lazy but like time out to think and become in tune with Mother Nature and the atmospherics of their surroundings. They do not like confrontation at all and would prefer a marriage of peace and harmony. They are very reliable and trustworthy and do tend to trust very easily however they can end up getting hurt because of their trusting nature.


It goes without saying that purple is a very spiritual colour and a lot of mediums and spiritual people tend to use this colour. If you are getting married and choose this colour it is saying that you are a free spirit and sensitive to those around you. You are gentle and yet mysterious, your artistic nature will spill over to fantasy. However, you have to be careful what other colours you link with this as this can cause a depressive mood i.e. pink or green, this can change the dynamics of the colour, but putting white with it can make this soft and gentle.


This colour alone shows mystery and a depth, this person needs to take and be in control of themselves and others no matter what the situation. This wedding would be very methodical and planned to a high standard. This colour also represents protection, success and affluence. Bringing together another colour with black can show that you are not too serious about life and that sometimes you can let go.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this and perhaps it will make you think when you are planning a wedding or any other type of event colour is important, and possibly your choices mean more than you think!

Love and light

Paula, PIN: 5454