DavinaNew Year resolutions are a funny thing, despite how unique we all are on this earth – many of us make the same resolutions as each other year in year out: Get fit, lose weight, give up smoking, cut down on alcohol, change job – in general be more dynamic and live life in a more exciting way…

In reality when January sets in and the humdrum of normal life takes over, resolutions are quickly forgotten and/or broken.

If you find in February you have already fallen off the resolution bandwagon, then maybe you will find some inspiration in these new books. We often fail to bring about changes in our lives because we do not have a plan; our goals are often too big and seem insurmountable. So if a healthy diet is on your mind, then you may find that Davina’s plan to wean us off sugar over a 5 week period helps. Paul McKenna on the other hand shows us how we can reveal our true potential and shows us how to master our destiny in just a few hours. If all else fails, be inspired by Lonely Planet’s guide to travel in 2015!

Davina’s 5 Weeks to Sugar-Free

Davina is a self-confessed sugar addict, but she decided that her family and she could benefit from trying to rid added sugar and junk food from their diets. But she needed healthy recipes that work for her family and their busy lives. This book is for those that want to gradually cut back on added sugar – hence the 5 week plan, rather than going cold turkey. Also foods that have naturally present sugar are still included like fruit, so it is healthier than some books that advocate cutting whole food groups. Davina admits to not being a health guru and so has had help in designing the balanced meals, but don’t worry there are even deserts for those sweet-toothed chocoholics! There is also a fun website with meal plan suggestions to get you started, so you can have a look before committing to buying the book: http://thisisdavina.com/

The 3 Things That Will Change Your Destiny Today!

Paul McKenna is no stranger to claiming he can change your life, with everything from losing weight, to giving up smoking, to ridding stress, getting rich to making you happy…But his new book concentrates on your destiny. He believes that you can be guided through a simple set of processes in a matter of hours that will clear your past, adjust blocks, rid negative experiences so that you can be truly happy in the present. He covers the secret of confidence, motivation and luck. Looks at how to release your true potential and how to increase the power you have in your life so you can be the very best you.

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2015

In this book the Lonely Planet staff take a look at the top 10 ranking cities, regions and countries to visit in 2015. There are travel lists to give fresh perspective and ideas on how to explore the place you are visiting to its maximum potential. If you want to plan a visit around what is happening then there are 35 events mapped out month by month. Some of the destinations have been chosen due to a revitalised infrastructure, a special anniversary or a sporting event that is happening, but others are picked just because they have an ‘aura of right now’.

Whatever you do in 2015, we hope you make it your best year yet!