telepthyThe power of the mind has fascinated scholars and spiritualists for centuries.

While the brain may appear as a tangible, three dimensional object, it is actually a process containing a potentially limitless source of energy and information. Concepts such as telepathy and the possibility of a ‘sixth sense’ are usually observed in the far away realms of science fiction, but a recent experiment carried out by two professors has suggested that mind to mind communication is very much a reality.

The experiment

The groundbreaking experiment, which was carried out by scientists at Harvard University, aimed to achieve what scientists call ‘mind-to-mind direct technological communication’ (telepathy.) Scientists connected the two men, one located in India, and the other in Paris, to a sensitive headset linked to the internet.

In absolute secrecy, nearly 5,000 miles apart, the first person sent a simple thought message of ‘hello.’

The recipient in France could not see the word itself but correctly reported flashes of light in peripheral vision that corresponded to the exact moment the word ‘Hello’ was thought.

51 year old participant Dr Berg stated: ‘We have shown that it is possible to send a mental message between two people, without using sight, touch, sound, taste or smell.’

What is telepathy?

Like any psychic gift, the possibilities of telepathy are endless. Through telepathy you can communicate with other people, energies, spirits and places beyond the use of pure words.

Many believe that we are all born with a natural psychic ability to communicate with others but we either grow up forgetting we have it, or stop using it for a number of different reasons. When two people are communicating telepathically, messages usually come through via thoughts, feelings, images or desires, as demonstrated in the Harvard study.

There are a number of different ways to strengthen and develop your telepathic abilities and the more you practise the better you can become. Ask a friend to help you and keep a journal of your telepathic trials to keep track of your progress.

Mental mediumship often involves communication via the use of telepathy within the consciousness of the medium. When you contact a telephone medium, the reader must first tune into their guides and ask the dearly departed who were close to the caller to come near and reveal themselves. At this point visions, words, images, feelings and spiritual experiences occur by flooding into the mediums subconscious. They will then deliver these messages onto their clients, sometimes thanking their guides as they go through.

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