Have you ever wondered whether a lost friend or loved one has ever tried to communicate with you and you’ve missed it? Or thought you’d seen something but didn’t know exactly what it was?

Most of us will receive contact from a ghost, angel, or the spirit of a loved one at some point in our lives, and the ways they can make themselves known to us are practically limitless.

To help you out, Best Mediums are bringing you a guide to some of the most common ways a spirit may try to contact you, and how to approach it if it does.


Dreams are probably the most common way spirits will try to communicate with us. Experiences will feel very real and are often clear, vivid and memorable. You will feel comforted and at peace after encountering a spirit in your dream.


Have you ever suddenly got a strong smell of a lost loved ones perfume wafting through the room? We often relate certain smells to different people and situations and it is a common occurrence when a spirit is making contact. They may be reaching out to comfort you or remind you they are still close.

Cold Spot

It’s not entirely known why spirits create cold spots when reaching out to the natural world. You may feel a concentrated area of cold air that can’t be explained by air conditioning or a nearby window. It will usually be surrounded by warm air.


Light bulbs blowing, radios and televisions that switch on and off, phones ringing for no reason, and computer manipulations are just a few ways that spirits can make themselves known.


Dogs and cats can be highly intuitive and are able to see and hear things that we cannot. If your cat becomes a little jumpy or your dog follows something around the room with its eyes, they may have sensed the presence of a spirit.


Goosebumps, shivers and chills down the back of your neck are all wonderful signs that a spirit is near. These sensations often come after you’ve been thinking about your loved one and can act as an affirmation that they are watching.

At Best Mediums we believe that death isn’t the end, and our readers often encounter visions or experiences where they believe a departed spirit who has passed over seeks to channel information through them.

Sometimes mediums will go into great description of the person or the scene they are visualising. Often the image has particular relevance to the caller such as someone close to them handing out a particular flower or wearing a particular bracelet etc. The Medium is simply a channel as they describe the person or scene. Often the person will talk to the Medium and pass on messages from the spirit world to those still on the earthly plain.

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