February is officially the month of love and romance; so if you are looking for a gemstone to resonate with love and stimulate the heart, choose Rhodonite.

Known as the ‘rescue stone’ Rhodonite promotes self love as well as love towards others.

Surprisingly, the soft pink Rhodonite has been one of the world’s best-kept secrets, managing to slip through history without many accounts on it at all. However, it is agreed that Rhodonite was a favourite amongst Russian Czars, who would wear lavish pieces of jewellery made from the mineral.

The name Rhodonite comes from the Greek word “rhodon” meaning rose, attested to by its gentle rose-pink hue. Rhodonite is similar to rose quartz in that it is made up of a silicate/quartz composite. It is the manganese that brings out the stones beautiful rosy colour that Rhodonite is known for.

A fairly common stone, it is mined in several areas of the United States. Worldwide, Rhodonite is also found in countries including Australia, Brazil, Mexico, India, Madagascar, Japan, and New Zealand amongst others.

This stunning crystal has been used for centuries for teaching humanity the lessons of universal and unconditional love.

Working with Rhodonite can be extremely beneficial psychically, mentally and emotionally.

Rhodonite holds the energy of universal love, and working with this crystal will teach you that universal, unconditional love surpasses the more ‘conventional’ concept of love. Rhodonite teaches self-love, and absolute love towards others. It lets us know when to fight for love and when is the best time to let it go.

Rhodonite is also a great healer. If you find you are going through heartbreak this February, Rhodonite is able to process and balance the emotions, calming and clearing the heart.

Rhodonite’s healing doesn’t just end with emotional scarring, it is believed the stone is a great healer of skin problems, helping the itching caused by insect bites, and aiding scars to heal. The stones are also thought to be a good treatment for arthritis, throat infections, inflammations of the joints and gallstones.

What better way to benefit from this stones healing qualities than to invest in Rhodonite jewellery or tumbled stones, especially as they are so easy to buy. If you are experiencing relationship problems, wear a Rhodonite necklace close to your heart every day. This will help you stay calm in times of anger and confusion. Tumbled stones can also be held or placed on appropriate places during chakra meditation.

Unsurprisingly, Rhodonite resonates most strongly with the heart chakra. Place Rhodonite on or near the heart during meditation to stimulate love and clear blockages, simply allowing you to let go of any negative energy that you have been holding on to.

Whether you are looking to build a stronger emotional foundation with a current partner, or to gain the confidence to attract a new mate, allow Rhodonite to open your heart to unconditional love this Valentine’s Day.

Our team of psychics are compassionate and gentle when it comes to matters of the heart. If you are looking for guidance and advice this month then give us a call.