Heart ChakraThe heart chakra (or Anahata) is the fourth of the seven primary chakras, located in the centre of the chakra system at the heart region. Associated with our ability to make decisions, it governs love, relationships and our higher consciousness. The heart chakra acts as the balance point for all the other chakras.

A balanced heart chakra is a beautiful thing, however as the governor of love most of us will experience blockages in our heart chakra in our lives. From break ups to issues with self-esteem, many of us will have to actively tune in and balance our heart to keep it balanced and flowing. The heart chakra is healed by the colour green so get out and experience nature. Maybe try meditating or practising yoga outdoors instead and feel your heart centre filling up with green light and energy. Add some leafy greens to your diet such as spinach, broccoli, kale or celery. Rose and green quartz both resonate with your heart chakra so incorporate them into meditation or wear them around your neck, hovering at your chest.

The Sanskrit name for the heart chakra is ‘Anahata’ meaning “unhurt“ or ”unbeaten” implying that beneath the personal stores of hurt and pain, boundless love and compassion reside. Indeed, one of the best ways to open a heart chakra is to allow yourself to openly give love and be loved. This includes loving yourself, as without the ability to love ourselves, we are unable to unconditionally give or receive love to another.

When this chakra is balanced you will feel at ease with yourself, and with other people. You are able to love yourself, and fully accept who you are. You will be able to decipher if others are being truthful to you and experience their joy and pain as if it were your own. You will be an all round more appreciative, caring, and joyous individual.

Someone experiencing dysfunction with their fourth chakra may incur feelings of anger, loneliness, selfishness or insensitivity. Emotional ups and downs are common with a blocked heart centre, and you may become fearful of rejection or even unworthy of love. Many people that suffer from a blocked heart chakra may end up sabotaging relationships with those around them with distrust and anger.

If we suffer from rejection, abandonment, or heartbreak at some point in our lives we are more likely to have problems with our heart chakra later on. As most of us have suffered with pain associated with love, the health of this chakra is most important.

An unhealthy heart chakra can also manifest in problems with your physical self, resulting in heart disease, blocked arteries, chest pain, depression and even lung and breast cancers.

Healing of the heart chakra is important so begin experimenting and activating it in your daily life and last but not least, practise LOVE!