Tarot CardsWelcome to the third part of our guide to the meanings of cards in the Major Arcana. As explained in the first part of this guide Major Arcana is a suit of twenty-two cards in the tarot deck.

The Star

This card is often hoped for by those who use Tarot as a divination tool. The Star card represents a world of possibility, and an opportunity for learning new things and becoming comfortable with oneself. It is a card of hope, of new dreams and of second chances. When we draw this card we are represented by the young woman; we are free, complete beings with everything we need at our fingertips. If this card is drawn and the querent currently does not find themselves in a place of peace, this time is coming. This card indicates subtle changes like ripples in the water, and often these changes are not the result of any sort of dramatic event.

The Moon

This card suggests fear, usually of the unknown. This fear often causes inaction which can be dangerous in some circumstances. If you draw this card for yourself or another person, be sure to think through a situation from different angles, and do not eliminate a course of action out of fear alone. When this card is present there are often others involved who will wrongly encourage you to stay where you are and maintain the status quo. Be sure to look deep into yourself or seek alternate guidance in order to decide what is best.

The Sun

The Sun is a sure sign of clarity, happiness, success and joy. It is associated with natural beauty and light-heartedness. When this card makes up part of spread it suggests that a time of glory and positivity is in stow. The Sun card reminds us to look at the world through the eyes of a child, which is why this card in many decks shows two children or a child riding a white pony. The world is new again, and new endeavours will prove prosperous and we will move freely and with much hope into the new horizon.


Where the Sun card represents a state where everything is clear and heavenly, this card represents a clear picture of reality that is not always so positive. It is, however, a helpful card, and an indicator that the querent is about to uncover information that will change their perspective. Normally this is not an earth-shattering discovery, but more than likely he or she will find an important piece of documentation that they have been looking for, or remember something about their childhood that puts a situation into context. When this card is drawn in the reversed direction, it can sometimes mean that the questioner is being kept in the dark about something, or that they are in denial of a difficult truth.

The World

This card is one of the most exciting cards to draw in any spread. The World card represents a well deserved positive ending to a long endeavour. It can represent a major promotion, a marriage after a long engagement or the achievement of an academic degree. It symbolizes perfection and completion. This card often also indicates long travel or travel to exotic destinations. It can also symbolize fame and acclaim.

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