The term clairvoyant is synonymous with Psychics for most people. The term clairvoyance means literally “one who sees clearly”. But over the centuries this term could cover soothsayers from Biblical days to modern day psychics. It is always used in a fortune telling context. From days of old everyone from Kings and leaders to peasants has wanted to know their future. Whether it is the outcome of a battle, the road from rags to riches or finding the true love or “soul-mate” of their life!

Clairvoyants use a number of methods to foresee someone’s future. Some “sense within” what is going to happen, or call on their angels or guides to help them. Others use psychometry, holding on to an item that belongs to the person, such as a watch or ring and pick up messages and images. Others claim they hear the voices of their guides, their angels or their ancestors which tell them the future.

Most modern day psychics and clairvoyants believe they pick up on energy or auras that surround the individual. Then with the help of external spiritual beings such as guides angels or with the help of tarot, runes, crystal gazing etc. they are able to see where the individual is meant to go or meant to do to find their future destiny. Generally they believe destiny is not fixed and that individuals can make choices which affect their destiny positively or negatively.

Mediums claim similar gifts but also specifically believe in a life hereafter and that their help and insight comes from “heavenly” beings, spirits or those previously departed from this life.

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