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Valhalla - Norse Mythology

5th Oct 2012

Valhalla Hall

Valhalla HallYou may have heard of Valhalla before, it is the beautiful hall located in Asgard where Vikings are chosen to go to when they have suffered a glorious death in battle. Asgard is one of the nine worlds in Norse mythology and is the home to the Norse Gods. Odin is the chief of the Gods who became the ruler of the Viking world when he overthrew the primeval giant Yimir and created the world out of his remains. He rules in Asgard with his wife Freya (also known as Frigg) along with the other Norse gods Thor and Tyr. Valhalla is one of many mansions in Asgard but this is by far the biggest, beautifully decorated with gold and home to Odin and Freya.

Vikings believed that when they die there are 3 places they could end up, those that have died naturally known as an inglorious death would go to Helheim. All Vikings warriors how ever wanted to die a glorious death in battle as they were a warrior people. The fallen warriors would be chosen to either go to Fólkvangr where they would rest with the Freyja the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, gold, war and death. Half of the warriors would be chosen by Freyja while the other half would be chosen by Odin to join him in Valhalla. Valhalla is depicted as a beautiful place with a roof lined of golden shields and the warriors feast every night on the boar Heidrún, who is slaughtered every night but made whole again the next day. They drink the liquor that flows from the udders of a goat and spend all day doing what Vikings like best, fighting.

The vast hall has five hundred and forty doors with each one big enough to march 800 warriors through. These hero warriors known as Einherjar are prepared in Valhalla for the upcoming batter Ragnarok. Ragnarok translates as “Doom of the Gods” it is essentially the end of the cosmos in Norse mythology; three long winters with no summers will mark the start of an almighty battle. Odin will march out his warriors and the gods, giants, dwarves, demons and elves will ride towards plain of Vigrid for an almighty battle. The fight between Odin and Fenrir the wolf will rage for a long time but eventually Odin will be overpowered and swallowed by the wolf. Odin’s son Vidar will then leap forward towards the wolf killing him with his bare hands by ripping the wolf’s jaws apart. The god Surt will finally fling fire in every direction which will engulf the nine worlds and causing the earth to sink in to the sea.

Customer Comments

I had a reading with Teya today. I was blown away by her understanding of my current situation. She made some very positive predictions and advice. I look forward to the outcome. Teya has a lovely warm personality and it radiates in her voice. Towards the end of the reading at my request she brought through some family members who passed over. I found her descriptions and messages spot on! I would love to connect with her again. Many thanks.



Psychic Medium Teya

PIN : 3691

I would like to share my thoughts and gratitude about the reading I just had with Marcus: He’s excellent! Connected immediately. No padding or filling. Spot on with what he picked up. Empathetic, emotionally intelligent, honest and humble. I was left empowered. Thank you, Marcus, I will call again.




PIN : 9399

I had my first reading with Vanessa today. I was very impressed that she brought my late father through and described him in great detail. Vanessa has a lovely empathetic manner. She picked up in great detail my current situation and described a wonderful outcome to my questions. I was blown away by her understanding of myself as a person! She gave me a tremendous boost to my wellbeing.



Vanessa, PIN: 3900

PIN : 3900

John is so gifted, absolutely brilliant, the best medium I have ever known! He has assisted me and many others more than he will ever know xxx Thank you.



PIN : 5152

Bryony is an amazing reader. She is a very lovely, friendly and honest reader. All of my readings have been done with insights and guidance. Bryony really wants the best for her clients and has supported me a lot over the last 4 years. I would highly recommend her. She’s the very best and does not ask lots of questions and always picks up on my situation now and in the future. Absolutely amazing lady.




PIN : 2727

Just had a lovely reading with Angel. She is so kind and enthusiastic and willing to provide guidance. I felt that she was naturally gifted at being guided by her spirits.




PIN : 1441

Thank you so much Sandra for assisting me connect with my beloved partner. You gave so much detail around things that only I would have known. You are really gifted and I am very much looking forward to speaking with you again. Love and best wishes to you x.




PIN : 2662

Thank you, Ruth, for being so patient and kind on our call. You touched on things I needed to hear and I was so happy to hear from the one person I was seeking guidance from. I will be back. Your gift has opened my eyes up more than you know. Thank you xx



PIN : 2022

Thanks so much to John. I've had a few readings with John over this last year and he has really assisted me keep the faith in a situation that has all worked out as he said it would. His advice and insight was spot on and I can't thank you enough x.



PIN : 5152

Betty was absolutely wonderful. She was spot on with what she told me. She even mentioned a place in the country that I live without me telling her. She is amazing!




PIN : 3445

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