CrystalsIt is natural as Valentine’s Day approaches for our thoughts to turn to matters of the heart. Whether you are in a relationship and are looking for ways to communicate better. Or are looking for new love, or are just looking to improve the love you have for yourself. We have healing crystals that can energise you and feed your chakras.

Rose Quartz

None of you will be surprised to find Rose Quartz as the first crystal to consider. It is the ultimate stone of the heart and particularly of unconditional love. As a gem it can help when you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions. Making you more objective, even in a traumatic situation. This stone is great when we need a reminder to forgive ourselves. Accepting what has gone before, and forgiving ourselves and others is all part of the healing process, allowing us to move forward and not stay stuck. In moments when you are feeling unloved, or unlovable, hold Rose Quartz in the heart region. Cast your mind back to a time you felt adored, perhaps by a parent when you were a child (it doesn’t need to be romantic feelings of love). The crystal will help to bring feelings of being valued and loved into the present moment. Reminding you that you are worthy of love, and that you are accepted and seen by those that know you.


Malachite is a transforming stone. Wearing the gem or carrying it with you, can boost your confidence, as well as assist you in making good sound decisions. It boosts your inner-strength, and allows you to show the outside world the real you. As a crystal it also minimises any feelings of shyness you might have, and encourages self-expression. Used in meditation Malachite can wash away feelings that are holding you back. It provides a lovely healing energy, drawing out hidden emotions – so you can acknowledge any problems and begin to find solutions. Often, we have deep-rooted issues, and we don’t quite realise the negative impact they are having on our day-to-day lives. Malachite is great at getting to the route cause of any upset you are feeling. Holding this stone in your hand, can help you summon its strength and provide you with patience and understanding.

Come back next week, when we explore part two crystals suitable for romance, love and Valentine’s with Amethyst and Hemimorphite.