StressMost of us will have periods in life that cause us stress, from major life events like moving house and having a baby, to dealing with illness or changes in work circumstances, to name a few.

Of course, each of us will deal with stress in our lives differently. Some tolerate stress very well, even thriving under a bit of pressure or a hard deadline. Whist others will feel under the weather quite quickly and may turn to vices like food or drink to cope.

When stress becomes an everyday part of life:

If you have been under stress for a long time, then you may now be noticing daily symptoms, for example:

  • Sleep problems
  • Headaches
  • General feelings of fatigue
  • An inability to concentrate for long periods
  • Feeling easily irritated

You may have reached a stage where you think, you might want some support in managing the stress in your life. Welcoming angels into your life may be part of the solution!

How can Angels help?

You already know that Angels reside in the spirit world and act as messengers. Many believe that they are also there to offer us protection and guidance, throughout our lives, particularly in difficult times.

But, to obtain their loving energy – we do need to reach out and seek their support. This is partly because their role is not to pass judgement on us, or to interfere with the path in life we choose at any moment in time. But they will provide a helping hand when needed.

Many find that just the act of reaching out to an Angel, and temporarily placing the stresses you are dealing with in the hands of someone else for a while, can bring about a sense of calm. Sometimes it also allows you to gain some perspective and see solutions from a higher power. Hopefully you will feel empowered to move forward, feeling a healing energy surrounding you.

Angel Reading

If you are going to have a reading, then many of our Psychic Team can bring the Angelic Kingdom into the forefront. I would suggest: Ellie – 1180, Mel – 4455 and Vivienne – 3555.

*This article is not meant to form medical advice, and of course should not be used instead of seeking support from your GP.