RelationshipsTrust is a really important part of any relationship, whether it is of a romantic nature, with a family member, friend or even work colleague.

When that trust has been broken, you will likely feel all manner of emotions from hurt, betrayed to angry and confused. You may even start to look at all of your relationships in a different light, and wonder how you can trust again, especially when it comes to new people in your life.

If you have had your trust broken, then it can be helpful to have some strategies to cope with the situation:

Mourn the relationship

We often associate mourning with someone dying, but when trust is broken, and the relationship is beyond repair following the betrayal, it is important to mourn the relationship, no matter what the type.

Only when you have accepted that the individual will no longer be in your life, will you feel ready to begin moving on.

Explore the reasons

If you are in the position to talk things through, then in some circumstances this can be helpful to bring an element of closure to the event. You may still decide to go your separate ways, but at least you may have some answers.

Look at yourself

It is not always an easy task, but sometimes it is worth looking at our own behaviour when life throws out a potentially life-changing event. Is there anything in your own behaviour that may have contributed to the betrayal, or is there something that you could have done differently to produce a different outcome?

In many cases, the loss of trust will have had nothing to do with your actions, but there may still be lessons to be learned. It may be that you need to take more time to get to know the measure of a person, and not to trust too quickly or easily in the future.

Is it possible that you are repeating patterns, and trusting the wrong people? Try not to be too critical of your self-analysis, but use it as a learning experience to protect yourself from future hurt.


Forgiving a person of their betrayal may seem like the last thing in the world that you want to consider, and some acts of miss-trust will be much harder to overcome than others. But in many cases, opening yourself up to the possibility of forgiving can be very healing, and is often much less draining than holding on to feelings of hate and revenge.

It will need a lot of courage and strength to forgive someone for hurting you so much, but in the long run you will be able to trust another person more easily, if you are not entering all new relationships feeling so guarded.

Move forward

In some respects, removing the person from your life makes it easier to move forward, but you may have decided that you can get past their transgression, but it is important to remember to not hold on to their actions, you cannot save them up to be used against them at a later date.

Many of our psychics are excellent at unravelling feelings regarding trust issues within relationships, so if you feel confused and are unsure about whether to forgive, forget but ultimately want to let go – then give them a call.