Amber CrystalsWhen thinking about crystals, I will often think about rose quartz if the subject is love. But the majority of mythological explanations for amber’s very existence involve love stories…Magical Romany traditions in particular value amber as a love-drawing charm.

Just for fun, why not try this amber charm spell:

Romany Dreams of Desire

  • Wait until a Thursday night – then make a list of the most prized qualities you would want in a romantic partner. If you already have in mind a person that you want to be yours – then visualise them and say their name out loud. Before you sleep that night, place a piece of amber under your pillow or close to you in bed. Get a small piece of silk ready for Friday morning.

  • As soon as you wake on Friday morning, clasp the amber crystal in your left hand and hold it close to your heart.
  • Visualise the person or just your heart’s desire whilst closing your eyes, be patient, take your time and really bring your visualisation alive with plenty of detail.
  • Find the piece of silk that you got ready the night before, kiss the amber gem and then wrap it in the silk, rolling the fabric towards you.
  • For seven days you should keep the amber with you – by day you could carry it or wear it even. At night place it under your pillow once more, whenever possible place it close to your heart.
  • For the seven day period repeat the visualisations, sleep with the amber and kiss and wrap it in the morning, essentially repeating the first four phases of this exercise. At the end of the seven days you will have a full charged love-drawing amulet!


Ref: The Element Encyclopaedia of 5000 Spells