Near death experienceHumanity has always wondered about the afterlife, and while none of us really know what’s waiting for us on the other side, near death experiences (NDE’s) may give us a tantalising glimpse.

Historical reports of NDE’s have been recorded for centuries, and the belief in life after death predates recorded history. From ancient Egyptians who believed that life continued in the “Land of the Dead” to modern day Christians who prepare for an afterlife in Heaven, it’s clear that civilisation has always believed in life after death in some way or another.

Near death experiences have been studied scientifically since the 70’s and research carried out in the US claims to have counted 13 million adults who have had a near death experience at least once in their lifetime.

Common accounts of near death experiences often describe feelings of levitation, total peace and serenity and the presence of a light. Many people also report seeing deceased relatives, religious figures and observing conversations and events from ‘outside’ their physical body. Such similar interpretations of near death experience across diverse cultures and time periods indicate that there is often more to these accounts than simple hallucinations.

People who have had a NDE often tell of changes they have made to their lives after the experience. Some turn to religion while others resolve to fear less and be thankful for each and every day.

Back in June of this year, Rapper Nicki Minaj shocked her fans as she accepted a BET award, revealing intimate details of an occasion where she almost faced death. During her emotional acceptance speech she stated:

“The other day, literally I didn’t tell anybody this, I really thought I was about to die. Like, I was saying my prayers to die. And I didn’t even want to call the ambulance because I thought, well if I call the ambulance, it’s going to be on TMZ,” she said, as some of the audience laughed.

“And I would rather sit there and die,” she added “And it made me realise I don’t care what anybody got to say. I’m going to do me.”

Other famous accounts include Ozzy Osbourne who ‘died twice’ after he was left in a coma following a bike accident. He described his confusion saying:

“I didn’t know where I was or how long I’d been there. I would drift in and out of consciousness. Other times there would be a white light shining through the darkness” He added that the experience had made him “grow up.”

Accounts of near death experiences mean it’s reasonable to assume that the moment of death could be far less daunting than we expect. While science may never consider NDE’s conclusive proof of heaven or the afterlife, the anecdotal evidence is pretty convincing.

Mediums believe that departed spirits often seek to make contact with the living, and use the medium as a channel to bring comfort and joy back into the lives of their loved ones.

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