PsychometryPsychometry is a psychic skill that enables someone to pick up information about the history of an object just by handling it. When developing your psychic abilities, psychometry is a great and simple technique to practise, however like any other psychic skill it can take a while to master.

Sometimes referred to as token object reading or psychoscopy, psychometry is simply another form of extra sensory perception. Characterised by the ability to read the energy field of an object, psychometry is particularly useful when trying to tune into the person we are reading for. Energy is all around us and is constantly on the move, so it makes sense that the energy within us infuses into things that we regularly wear or use. This energy is then soaked up during a psychometry reading, allowing us to ascertain information, smells, sounds, and even emotions relating to its owner.

There have been numerous incidences when psychometry has been used to assist police looking for a missing person or even the location or identity of criminals. It is most common for objects made of metal to be read such as a person’s ring, watch or necklace, but there are no set rules and almost anything has the potential to be read.

If you want to use psychometry to further develop your psychic skills then it couldn’t be simpler. All you need is a willing friend to give you an object to practise with, preferably belonging to someone they know but you may not.

This way when you read the object your friend will be able to judge how accurate your impressions are.

Begin by finding somewhere quiet and peaceful to practise. Place the object in the palm of your hand, and place your other hand on top. After a few moments you may find that images start to pop into your mind, don’t try and process them, just tell your friend what you are seeing.  Many people reading for the first time describe seeing ordinary everyday objects, but you may be surprised at just how relevant they are to the objects owner. As you get more advanced in psychometry, the more information you’ll gain and you may start picking up on different feelings and emotions. Even more developed readers can use psychometry in a medium reading, when spirits come through to communicate messages through the object.

For some people psychometry is a gift but for many it takes a lot of dedication and practise. A good idea is to keep a diary to track your progress – note down any feelings, images, smells or sounds you receive every time you read and you’ll soon become increasingly aware of how you’re developing. Psychometry is a skill, so take your time and always remember that no psychic became accomplished overnight.

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