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Calls cost £1.50 per minute plus your phone company's access charge and are recorded.

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Credit Card Payments:
0800 915 2334

£32.95 for the first 20 mins and £1.50/min thereafter.

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18+ with bill payers permission. For entertainment purposes only. View our full terms and conditions here. Customer Care 0121 737 2685.

Psychic and Medium Pre-Paid Readings FAQ

Setting Up Your Account

When you want to set up your account, please go to the pre-pay page and select the amount of money/minutes you wish to credit your account with. You will be taken to our secure payment page where you will need to fill in the online form with your personal and payment card details. As soon as the payment has processed successfully you will be given your account number and pin number and a telephone number to call. All of this information will also be emailed to you. You will only need to carry out this process once, once you have been allocated your account and pin number all transactions (having a reading, topping up your account and so on) will be done by phone.


The maximum cost of the service is £1.50 per minute. When you buy a bundle of 40 minutes or more you will receive a gift of 10% extra minutes, so:

20 mins £30
40 mins £60 - You will actually receive 44 minutes.
60 mins £90 - You will actually receive 66 minutes.
100 mins £150 - You will actually receive 110 minutes.

How To Use Your Account

When you want to use your account call 0808 156 4920 or 0121 737 2380 (or call +44 121 737 2380 from outside the UK). You will be prompted to enter your account number followed by your pin number using your telephone keypad. Each time you call you will be advised how many remaining minutes you have. You will be given the options of topping up your account or connecting to a reader. You will be connected directly to the top up menu if you have less than five minutes of remaining credit. When prompted you can enter the pin number of the reader you wish to speak to (click here for reader availability), or you can simply just hold to be connected to the next available reader.

Length Of Calls

Our normal credit card reading service applies a minimum call length of 20 minutes and a maximum call length of 90 minutes. With the Pre-Paid service you will be in total control of the call length. You can stay on for 5 minutes, but equally you could stay on until your credit expires (60 minutes max in a single call). During a pre-paid call to avoid disrupting the reading you will not hear any of the normal call-length messages; you will hear just one prompt advising you 30 seconds before your call credit runs out.

Topping Up Your Account

To top up the credit on your pre-paid account phone one of the following numbers - 0808 156 4920 or 0121 737 2380 (or call +44 121 737 2380 from outside the UK). You can use the debit/credit card you used to set up the account initially but you will also be given the opportunity to use a different card if needed. See charges above for a list of top up prices and bonus free minutes. Please note you will only ever need to set up one account (on-line), all transactions from them on are completed via the phone system.

Credit Minimums

When you want to connect to one of our readers you need to have at least 5 minutes of credit remaining on your account. In the event that you have less than 5 minutes credit you will be connected to the top up menu where you can increase your balance before continuing.

Balance Check

Each time you call the pre-pay service and enter your account information you will be reminded of the amount of credit balance you have remaining.

Expiry of Credit

Once you have topped up your account, the credit will be valid for six months. Any credit left at the end of the period will be lost.

Forgotten or Lost Password / Account Number Support

In the event that you lose or forget your account and /or pin number then please email us at [email protected]. In order for us to retrieve your account information we will need your name, the email address that you set up the account with and the date of your last account top up if known. Please bear in mind that this help service only operates between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, it may take up to 48 hours for you to receive a response.