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Calls cost £1.50 per minute plus your phone company's access charge and are recorded.

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£32.95 for the first 20 mins and £1.50/min thereafter.

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18+ with bill payers permission. For entertainment purposes only. View our full terms and conditions here. Customer Care 0121 737 2685.


What is a Medium Reading?

Psychic Medium readings can take different forms. Some use tarot cards, crystal gazing, runes and other methods to assist them in divining a person’s future. Mediums also use Spirit Guides to bring forward other spirits to the Mediums attention or carry messages between a Medium and those that have passed over.

Medium prophecies is where a Medium through his guides is foretelling the future path you are being guided to take by a loved one.

What sort of people are Readers?

Just as the people that call Best Mediums are from all walks of life, the same can be said for our Readers. What they have in common though, is a life-long gift of Mediumship and a desire to support other people with that gift in coming to terms with the loss of a loved one, answering life’s pressing questions and tying up loose ends so all parties can move on in peace. All of our readers are sincere and friendly. Many are well qualified and all are experienced.

How do telephone readings work?

Telephone Mediums are those that believe they can link in to the caller’s loved ones who have departed this world, with assistance from their Spirit Guides. To do a distance reading, the Medium must first tune into their guides and ask the dearly departed who were close to the caller to come close and reveal themselves. At this point visions, words, images, feelings and spiritual experiences occur by flooding into the Mediums subconscious. They will then deliver these messages onto their clients, sometimes thanking their guides as they go through.

How long can a reading be?

In the case of a Premium Rate call, you are in control and can choose to replace the receiver at any time. However the maximum time allowed for this type of call is 26 minutes. If you wish to go longer, there is nothing to stop you ringing back in and speaking to the same reader if they are available or another reader if not.

In the case of a Credit Card call, the maximum call length is 90 minutes.

Should I do anything before having a reading?

Think carefully about what you want to ask, possibly make some notes. Prioritise any questions you have to ensure you get answers in the time frame you have. Try to phone from a quiet place, so you will not be distracted by noise from TV, traffic or other people. Be ready to face the facts, keep an open mind and be prepared to listen to what the Medium is telling you.

How can I find the right reader for me, and then how do I select them?

You can use the website to find out information about each of the Readers. The site will show who is available at any given time, and each Reader is allocated a Pin Number. If you phone in on the Premium Rate number you will be prompted for the pin number of the Reader that you require. If you are phoning for a Credit Card call the person answering the care line can advise you of which readers are available and tell you a little bit about them and any specialties they have.

How much do readings cost and how do I pay?

You can contact Best Mediums in 2 different ways, via your own phone bill or via a credit card payment:

Phone - 0906 112 0222.

The call will be charged at a rate of £1.50 per minute plus your phone company's access charge to your phone bill.

If you would like to charge the call to your Credit Card, then phone: 0800 915 2334. If you are calling from the US phone: 1 – 800 – 765 – 1897.

The cost will be £32.95 (approx. $50) for the first 20 minutes and £1.50 (approx. £2.50) per minute thereafter.

What will show on my credit card bill?

Psychic Light Ltd

What happens if I am unhappy about any part of the service I receive?

Dial: 01133 847085, and a Duty Manager will be available to help you from the hours of 9am to 11pm.

Why should I trust Best Mediums?

We operate within standards laid down by Phone-paid Services Authority in the UK. This includes recording calls to our Premium Rate Live Reader services and Credit Card Booking and Customer Care Lines.

We comply with the laws laid down under The Data Protection Act as relevant to our business. However, under UK law all readings must be regarded for entertainment only.

All Credit Card Transactions are dealt with via a secure server, manned by one of the toughest companies in the world. No personal details are stored by our company.

Where can I find Best Mediums Terms & Conditions?

Please click here

How do I contact Best Mediums customer care?

Dial: 0121 737 2685, and one of our Receptionist's will be available to answer any questions you might have.