Celtic FemaleIn searching for historical mediums and teachers; our first found medium was a female – her name was Voluspa, she was a lady of the Borean race, living about 6500 B.C. Voluspa belonged to a tribe of white people called Hermans, they lived a nomadic life, wandering around the steppes of Europe.

French historian and writer Fabre d’Olivet, authored a book ‘Hermaneutic Interpretations of the Origin of the Social State of Man’. The story is as follows: Voluspa was related to two Chiefs of the Borean tribes; one was her brother, the other her husband. The two had a disagreement and a challenge of mortal combat ensued.

They had gone to do battle and Voluspa was grieving about the situation. Suddenly she became semi-conscious (possibly a semi-tranced state) and heard a loud voice call her name. She was amazed, for as she turned her head she saw a huge man standing beside her. He radiated a bright light and was dressed as a warrior. The spirit told her he was Herman the First Vanquisher of the Black Race. He said he had come to help her stop the death dual of the two warriors. He told her the cause of the duel had been planned by the Atlanteans who were the Black Race. As the conversation continued she was told, the black people were planning, as soon as there was a victory, to defeat her people.

Voluspa, believing the spirit, rushed to the field of battle and even though the fighting had commenced, she stepped between them. They were momentarily shocked by her appearance and stopped the conflict. As she told them of her vision, she spoke so dramatically they believed her; the warring parties shook hands and swore to follow the guidance of Herman the Vanquisher.

Further, to prove they searched the woods and found the Black Race preparing to attack the victor. The surprise reversed battle was soon over, with Voluspa’s people winning a major conflict. As they returned from battle, they stopped to rest under an oak tree. Voluspa was entranced again. Herman the Chief first spoke to them through Voluspa. He promised that if they followed his guidance, the Boreans would have a great future. As he was about to finish, he said, ‘Do not forget me, Herman the Chief of all men. And above all respect and worship TEUT-TAD the SUBLIME (the great father).’

It appears that Voluspa was the first person in recorded history to display through spiritual awareness and psychic powers, the two great truths of our religion, that life exists after the change called death, and a belief in God!

Until that time, the women of the Borean race were looked upon as chattels of men (or slaves). They were shown no consideration other than to be enjoyed, Voluspa, because of her psychic powers, became something close to divine, and at this time, began to have authority over the tribe, with Voluspa, women suddenly became people to be respected

The oak tree became a symbol of sacred magnitude, because the men received their first visitation and audience beneath its spreading bows. It was not long before women of other tribes, began to develop psychic powers and delineating their vision, beneath the oak tree, for the guidance of their tribes, to a better life.

To be continued…