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Superstitions Category

Superstitions: Valentines/Love

Valentine's HeartIf a woman wanted to know who her future spouse would be, there were a number of rituals she could carry out:

  • On St. Valentine’s Eve she could visit a graveyard at midnight, chanting special charms she knew whilst running around the church twelve times! She should then go to sleep with a sprig of rosemary under her pillow, and the face of her husband-to-be would appear…
  • On Valentine’s Day itself a woman should let her eyes gaze to the sky, until she saw a bird or animal flying over, the type of bird would indicate certain things about the union:



CalendarDo you live your life avoiding walking over cracks in the pavement or walking under ladders? How about searching for the second magpie after seeing just the one or wanting to cry for breaking a mirror? Well if so, you’re not alone or crazy! Having a superstition is common amongst us all wherever we are in the world and we all try to avoid doing certain things…just in case!

Did you know that there’s not one, but two, Friday 13th’s this year? Superstition dates back to early Ancient times and have somehow been passed on over centuries and generations.

Here are some of the more common and our favourite superstitions…


Walking under ladders is probably one of the most established forms of superstition, but why do we go out of way to avoid it? Well, it originates back to the early Christian teachings, where an object that has three points, represents the Holy Trinity, which is the case when a ladder is leaning against the wall. They believed that, if you were to walk under a ladder, then you would have been labelled as being a witch and in the same league as the Devil, something we don’t want! (more…)

Superstitions: Easter

  • Easter CrossOn Palm Sunday (9th April), folk would gather hazel and in some cases would make the hazel twigs into crosses to be blessed by their priest. This plant was gathered specifically to guard against thunder and lightning.
  • In many parts of the UK it is tradition to bake bread on Good Friday (14th April); many do it to protect against fire, but in coastal areas it is to protect against shipwrecks for loved ones working at sea, it is also thought of as a cure for many diseases. Traditionally the baked bread would be hung in the kitchen to keep it dry and from going bad, supposedly it would remain edible for a year without going stale or spoiling.


Telepathic Communication Proved for the First Time

telepthyThe power of the mind has fascinated scholars and spiritualists for centuries.

While the brain may appear as a tangible, three dimensional object, it is actually a process containing a potentially limitless source of energy and information. Concepts such as telepathy and the possibility of a ‘sixth sense’ are usually observed in the far away realms of science fiction, but a recent experiment carried out by two professors has suggested that mind to mind communication is very much a reality. (more…)

Numerology Life Path 5 – The Seller

Adventurous, energetic, and resourceful, those with the Life Path 5 can count themselves as ‘The Seller.’

If Your Birthday Adds to a 5, for example: June 4th, 1975

4, 6, 1975

4+6+1975= 1985

1+9+8+3= 23

2+3= 5

In this case, you would have the Life Path number of: 5

(If you are unsure on how to calculate your Life Path number, refer to our previous post ‘introduction to numerology’). (more…)

Numerology – Life Path 3 – The Entertainer

Creative, expressive, and witty those with the Life Path 3 can count themselves as ‘the entertainer.’

If Your Birthday Adds to a 3:

For example: October 26th, 1947

10, 26, 1947

10+26+1947= 1983

1+9+8+3= 21

2+1= 3

In this case, you would have the Life Path number of: 3

(If you are unsure on how to calculate your Life Path number, refer to our previous post introduction to numerology). (more…)

Numerology – Life Path 2 – The Mediator

Loyal, diplomatic and tactful, those with the Life Path 2 can count themselves as ‘the mediator. 

If Your Birthday Adds to a 2:

For example: June 8th, 1977

6, 8, 1977

6+8+1977= 1991

1+9+9+1= 20

2+0= 2

In this case, you would have the Life Path number of: 2

(If you are unsure on how to calculate your Life Path number, refer to our previous (more…)

Numerology Life Path 1- The Leader

Hard working, opinionated and adventurous, those with the Life Path 1 can count themselves as ‘the leader.’

If Your Birthday Adds to a 1:

For example: 21st July 1989

21, 7, 1989

2+1+7+1+9+8+9 = 37


1+0= 1

In this case, you would have the Life Path number of: 1.

(If you are unsure on how to calculate your Life Path number, refer to our previous post introduction to numerology) (more…)

Edinburgh & Glasgow Reported As Most Haunted Cities in the UK

Edinburgh CityA study for TV channel Really’s show Paranormal Witness has revealed that Scottish cities Edinburgh and Glasgow top the list of the most haunted in the UK.

For a while Scotland has been proclaimed one of the most haunted countries on Earth, with 38% of the population claiming to have seen a ghost. The Celtic countries dark skies, darker history, old towns and ancient folklore all contribute to the bubbling cauldron of rumours and whisperings. (more…)

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz RockSmoky quartz is an extremely protective stone which brings both physical and psychic protection. It guards the wearer from negative energies by gently transforming any negative emotions it comes into contact with into positive ones.

Like other quartz gems smoky quartz is largely made up of silicone dioxide. It can be identified by its smoky colour which is caused by free silicon, formed from the silicon dioxide by natural irradiation. Its distinctive colouring can range from a smoky yellow-brown through to grey, brown or black. (more…)