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Summer Time Category

Thrive this Summer

SummerAs I write this article England is in the throes of what can only be described as a heat-wave. It’s the glorious weather we can only dream about, and plenty of us pay good money each year to ensure we get some by holidaying abroad. But somehow when you are working, and trying to sleep at night, it’s all not so funny. So how can you thrive during summer rather than just survive?

Heat Stroke

Heat exhaustion is not just a possibility in foreign climes, it can happen just as easily at home… Typical symptoms are nausea, dizziness, cramps, thirst, tiredness, headache and even a fast pulse. It is caused by the body losing too much water and salt, through sweating, either due to extreme heat or maybe from playing sport in very hot weather. To guard against it happening, ensure that you stay well hydrated, try to eat more water rich foods in your diet (think cucumber and watermelon), and stay out of the sun during the height of the day between 11am-3pm, and seek shade where possible. If you do get caught out, then remove unnecessary clothes, lie down, get into as cool a place as possible, drink water, and try and cool the skin. (more…)

Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule WardrobeWe now have so many choices in life, that decisions are more complicated than ever and we often make the same selections over and over again regardless of whether they are right for us or not.

Our wardrobes are a classic example, just take jeans – there is an overwhelming choice of colour, cut, style, for instance on the Marks & Spencer’s website for women there are 62 options before you get into shade or size…

As winter becomes spring and then spring becomes summer, it can be hard to make room for everything from jumpers, to coats, to shorts and more. So, is there an argument for a capsule wardrobe, and if so what do you choose?

Do you have enough storage at home for all of the clothes, shoes and accessories that you own? If the answer is no – then it is time to downsize your wardrobe! (more…)

Health Snippets

Hay FeverHay Fever

Cases of hay fever are on the rise, the reason is up for debate, it could be climate change, the pollen season is now longer, and possibly we have lower levels of the right type of bacteria’s to stop our immune systems overreacting. But what can we do? Choose sunglasses that wrap around, to prevent pollen entering your eyes. Try a barrier in your nostrils such as Vaseline or a specially made product to trap pollen. Pollen rises during the day and then descends in the evening, making night-time symptoms worse, avoid going outside at these trigger times if possible. Think twice about drying clothes/bedlinen outside or at least in the evening, to avoid bringing trapped pollen into your home. Discuss with your GP if antihistamines and/or intranasal corticosteroids are the right treatment for you. (more…)


FairesMidsummer night or the Summer Solstice celebrates the longest day of the year, and in the UK falls on the 21st June 2015.

It is believed that the midsummer night acts as a gateway between the faery world and ours, the veil is at its thinnest allowing for natural and supernatural things to coincide, so mischievous faeries can come and go as they please!

Midsummer is a turning point in our year and in our lives, it creates an auspicious time to make decisions. Often as children we grow up reading about these mystical elfin’s, but as adults we grow out of believing. But sometimes going in to our souls childlike again can be a helpful way of seeing what our hearts really desire.

Use your imagination, and let yourself dare to dream what your future life could be like with a little sprinkle of magic faery dust! (more…)

Wedding Colours

BridesmaidsWhen we decide to get married or make a commitment to the person you love it is important to pick the right colour co-ordination for your theme; but just what are the meanings behind what the colours represent – here are a few interpretations for your perusal:


Peace, comfort, purity and innocence – choosing this colour shows that your perception of getting married should be one of order and simplicity. It shows that you are an independent person and want to be treated equal to your partner, and that you know in your own mind what you want and in what order things have to be done. (more…)

Haunted Holidays

shutterstock_142746055If you are looking for an unusual holiday this summer then why not think about booking a haunted weekend away?

Whether you’re an open sceptic or true believer, haunted holidays can be a great way to experience the thrill of the paranormal!

Recent findings by YouGov revealed that 52% of people polled in the UK stated they believed in the supernatural, and 1 in 5 had had a paranormal experience, so it’s no surprise that people are now using their holidays to seek out the living dead. (more…)

Summer Solstice

Stonehenge at Summer SolsticeSummer solstice has been a special moment in the yearly cycle since Neolithic times, thousands of years before humans understood the orbit of the sun and the planets. Since then many civilisations throughout history and around the globe have celebrated the summer solstice also known as midsummer. For the Egyptians the solstice marked the start of the season where the Nile would flood, overflow its banks and give nutrients to enrich the soil to allow crops to grow. The ancient Greeks also saw the solstice as a special time of the year as it would mark time when the Olympic games were about to begin, for which the solstice was the start of celebrations. Some European cultures also believed that the evil spirits were able to roam freely and bonfires were lit to protect themselves.

The significance of the summer solstice throughout history can be put down to the power that the sun has on the spirit world at this time of the year. As we all know the sun has a heavy influence on our lives being the giver of life and energy, for which this is strongest at the solstice. The sprits also feel this energy and become highly active; although some Europeans may have misunderstood the spirits believing that they were evil the sun is actually a source of positive energy. The solstice also marks the day that the days begin to get darker instead of brighter, just as summer has barely got into its stride. (more…)