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Spirits Category

Animal Guides from the Countryside

Animal GuidesSpirit Animals, Animal Guides, Power Animals, are all names for creatures that provide energy, guidance and strength when we need it most.

Sometimes, these animals are more from folklore, like Unicorns and other times they are quite exotic like bears or panthers.

Instead today we are going to explore quintessential British countryside animals, that can be just as useful in a crisis.


As you may know Badgers are nocturnal, so it no surprise then that they represent the subconscious. Often these creatures will guide us in our dreams, as opposed to in our waking moments.

They are known for healing, probably due to their connection with woodlands – think plants, trees and herbs that provide medicinal qualities. (more…)

Connect our Hearts and Minds in Love, by Robbie, PIN: 3443 – Part 1

LoveWe are a funny bunch, us humans, always complicating things and making them much harder than they have to be. According to my guides, we are almost on the precipice of the great epiphany. A collective, telepathic moment in the experience of mankind that helps us let go of the heaviness and pain of the past, and to appreciate the present moment as the gift that it really is. When awful things happen on a personal level or on an international scale it can either cause us to shrink in fear and worry, or inspire us to rise up and only accept that which we deserve – which is love. Each time we make that more positive choice, our actions become softer, kinder and stronger. The love that we open up to within us overflows and we are able to share more authentically with others. The great epiphany will help us make that choice more effectively and consistently. (more…)

Master Spirits

Master SpiritsYou may be used to contacting angels for help, but you may not be as familiar with the concept of master spirits, they are generally great teachers, prophets or Gods and goddesses and sometimes we refer to them as ‘ascended masters’.

Master spirits cross religion, civilisation and culture, they dedicate themselves to assisting humans on Earth to progress through life whilst learning as they go. Master souls will have made a choice to forgo their own path of journeying to the higher realms of heaven in order to be close and guide us.

When you want to invoke the guidance of a master spirit you must do so with a pure heart and intentions of the good of all – your request should never harm another. When you have your request, just choose wish ascended master to contact.

Master spirits like angels tend to have a specialist area, so it is worth thinking about which master soul to contact that will be most in tune with your request. (more…)

A Day in the Life of a Medium

SeanceA Day in the Life of a Medium, by Reader Julie – PIN: 3123

I didn’t know the reason why I’d told the lady on the telephone that I would do ‘An Evening of Clairvoyance’ for her at her public house, after all I had received a call just before hers requesting the same thing and I’d politely declined as I much preferred reading for people on a one to one basis and didn’t relish the thought of the sea of faces that stare at you full of expectation…

When performing, what I called at that time, nothing more than a ‘stage show’. I told my daughter what had happened and I said, “I am a real medium, not a performer,” she said, “I know mum, but can’t you just do your thing on stage as you would in a one to one consultation?” “You’re good mum and when you did it before the audience loved you and there must be a reason why you said yes to this lady when you’d only just refused the one before…I think that it was meant to be and you can’t change your mind now as you’ve said that you will do it.” She was right, there was no getting out of it now and I’d told the woman that I would go to look at the venue the following day. (more…)

Near Death Experiences

Near death experienceHumanity has always wondered about the afterlife, and while none of us really know what’s waiting for us on the other side, near death experiences (NDE’s) may give us a tantalising glimpse.

Historical reports of NDE’s have been recorded for centuries, and the belief in life after death predates recorded history. From ancient Egyptians who believed that life continued in the “Land of the Dead” to modern day Christians who prepare for an afterlife in Heaven, it’s clear that (more…)

Haunted Holidays

shutterstock_142746055If you are looking for an unusual holiday this summer then why not think about booking a haunted weekend away?

Whether you’re an open sceptic or true believer, haunted holidays can be a great way to experience the thrill of the paranormal!

Recent findings by YouGov revealed that 52% of people polled in the UK stated they believed in the supernatural, and 1 in 5 had had a paranormal experience, so it’s no surprise that people are now using their holidays to seek out the living dead. (more…)

Signs of a Spirit Presence

Have you ever wondered whether a lost friend or loved one has ever tried to communicate with you and you’ve missed it? Or thought you’d seen something but didn’t know exactly what it was?

Most of us will receive contact from a ghost, angel, or the spirit of a loved one at some point in our lives, and the ways they can make themselves known to us are practically limitless.

To help you out, Best Mediums are bringing you a guide to some of the most common ways a spirit may try to contact you, and how to approach it if it does. (more…)

Devloping Your Psychic Abilities – Contact Your Spirit Guides

Spirit GuidesEveryone is a channel for spiritual guidance, and if you’re looking to go beyond psychic 101 when developing your abilities you may want to look into connecting with your spirit guides. These energies surround us all the time, yet many people assume that contacting them requires a special talent or gift. However this is not always the case, if you are open-minded and accept the guidance available to you. (more…)

Edinburgh & Glasgow Reported As Most Haunted Cities in the UK

Edinburgh CityA study for TV channel Really’s show Paranormal Witness has revealed that Scottish cities Edinburgh and Glasgow top the list of the most haunted in the UK.

For a while Scotland has been proclaimed one of the most haunted countries on Earth, with 38% of the population claiming to have seen a ghost. The Celtic countries dark skies, darker history, old towns and ancient folklore all contribute to the bubbling cauldron of rumours and whisperings. (more…)

The Spirit World


The spirit world, independent from the natural world, is a world inhabited by human souls after they have passed on.Although it is separate from the world that we live in, the spirit world is in constant interaction with us, and through mediumship we are able to consciously communicate with those on the other side. The departed souls coexist with us but the world is vibrating at such a high frequency we are unable to see it, and these vibrations are the only thing that separates us.