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Spirit Category


fieldDowsing is a psychic technique used to find lost or hidden objects by tapping into their energy fields. Used for several generations, dowsing has been used to locate everything from lost jewellery to underground water sources.

In previous centuries, dowsing was declared to be a practise of evil, and the moving of dowsing tools was thought to be the work of the devil. Sceptics concluded that dowsing was simply a superstitious performance due to the fact that the process was mainly made up of paranormal and extrasensory techniques. For this reason, dowsing can also be referred to as ‘water witching’. Despite the scepticism, dowsing has collected some well-known practitioners throughout the years including Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and Uri Geller.


The Spirit World


The spirit world, independent from the natural world, is a world inhabited by human souls after they have passed on.Although it is separate from the world that we live in, the spirit world is in constant interaction with us, and through mediumship we are able to consciously communicate with those on the other side. The departed souls coexist with us but the world is vibrating at such a high frequency we are unable to see it, and these vibrations are the only thing that separates us.


Contacting the spirit world to help heal the soul

DoveOur souls are deeply connected with the spirit world which is something our ancestors have known for many thousands of years. Events in our lives such as loss or traumatic experiences can damage our soul in a way that changes who we are making us feel like we have lost a part of ourselves. Because our souls and the spirit world are so closely connected we can use the spirit world to help piece back the damaged pieces of our soul. This process is called shamanic healing and uses a mediator between the physical world and the spirit world, this person is called a shaman. The shaman travels in to the spirit world with the help of their spirit guides or power animals, their aim is to try and find the cause of the soul’s pain or illness. When they know the cause they can then search the spirit world for something to help heal the soul, this can be knowledge or a deeper understanding of the person, medicine, power or even parts of the lost soul itself. (more…)

Archangel Gabriel

Painting of Archangel GabrielIf you have been following our blog post series on Angels, you will have seen us take you on a guided tour through the different types and classifications of Angels across the entire spectrum of spiritual beings. Now, we are going to take a look at some of the individual Angels within those “categories” to give you more of an insight into their characteristics and key traits;

The Angel we are looking at today is one that we are sure you will no doubt be familiar with, by name at least, yes, we are talking about Archangel Gabriel, or Angel Gabriel as he is perhaps more commonly referred to.

Archangel Gabriel is possibly the most well-known of all Angels, which is unsurprising given that alongside Archangel Michael, he is one of the only two Angels whom are mentioned by name in the Bible. Gabriel was the angel whom appeared to the Virgin Mary to foretell the birth of Jesus in the gospel of Luke. Most people know the story of an Angel appearing to Mary, however not everyone knows that it was Gabriel. He also appeared to Zechariah to foretell the birth of John the Baptist, but his first mention in the Bible is in the Old Testament, where he appears to the prophet Daniel, to explain the visions he has experienced. (more…)