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Spirit Category

How to Maximise August 2014

Maximise AugustAugust is a powerful month for spiritual healing and regeneration.

For children August means a break from schoolwork and studies, but for the rest of us August can be a great chance for a spiritual time out. There is something about the changed pace of the month that makes it easier to dedicate time to spiritual growth and fulfilment. For some, the longer, lighter days invite reflection, whilst for others taking a trip or holiday allows for heightened sensitivity, making August the perfect time (more…)

Clothes Shop Staff Call in Medium

mediumsTerrified staff working at a clothes shop in Torquay were forced to call in a local medium after they became concerned the store was haunted.

It was reported that the strange happenings began after staff entered an unused storeroom. Around seven of the staff working in the fashion store New Look witnessed signs of a spirit presence while they were working including unexplained bangs, footsteps and whisperings.

Haunted Holidays

shutterstock_142746055If you are looking for an unusual holiday this summer then why not think about booking a haunted weekend away?

Whether you’re an open sceptic or true believer, haunted holidays can be a great way to experience the thrill of the paranormal!

Recent findings by YouGov revealed that 52% of people polled in the UK stated they believed in the supernatural, and 1 in 5 had had a paranormal experience, so it’s no surprise that people are now using their holidays to seek out the living dead. (more…)

Signs of a Spirit Presence

Have you ever wondered whether a lost friend or loved one has ever tried to communicate with you and you’ve missed it? Or thought you’d seen something but didn’t know exactly what it was?

Most of us will receive contact from a ghost, angel, or the spirit of a loved one at some point in our lives, and the ways they can make themselves known to us are practically limitless.

To help you out, Best Mediums are bringing you a guide to some of the most common ways a spirit may try to contact you, and how to approach it if it does. (more…)

Developing Psychic Abilities – Psychometry

PsychometryPsychometry is a psychic skill that enables someone to pick up information about the history of an object just by handling it. When developing your psychic abilities, psychometry is a great and simple technique to practise, however like any other psychic skill it can take a while to master.

Sometimes referred to as token object reading or psychoscopy, psychometry is simply another form of extra sensory perception. Characterised by the ability to read the energy field of an object, psychometry is particularly useful when trying to tune into the person we are reading for. Energy is all around us and is constantly on the move, so it makes sense that the energy within us infuses into things that we regularly wear or use. This energy is then soaked up during a psychometry reading, allowing us to ascertain information, smells, sounds, and even emotions relating to its owner. (more…)

The Heart Chakra

Heart ChakraThe heart chakra (or Anahata) is the fourth of the seven primary chakras, located in the centre of the chakra system at the heart region. Associated with our ability to make decisions, it governs love, relationships and our higher consciousness. The heart chakra acts as the balance point for all the other chakras.

A balanced heart chakra is a beautiful thing, however as the governor of love most of us will experience blockages in our heart chakra in our lives. From break ups to issues with self-esteem, many of us will have to actively tune in and balance our heart to keep it balanced and flowing. The heart chakra is healed by the colour green so get out and experience nature. Maybe try meditating or practising yoga outdoors instead and feel your heart centre filling up with green light and energy. Add some leafy greens to your diet such as spinach, broccoli, kale or celery. Rose and green quartz both resonate with your heart chakra so incorporate them into meditation or wear them around your neck, hovering at your chest. (more…)

Healing Stones – Citrine

Citrine Healing StonesThe gentle yellow citrine is a sunny and affordable stone, whose bright energy lights up the lives of those who work with it. It has energies of good fortune and luck, thought to be the stone that will draw all the good things in life to you.

Citrine is a yellow-to-golden member of the quartz family, which is rarely found naturally. Most commercial citrines are heat treated amethyst or smoky quartzes. The majority of citrine is mined in Brazil, however natural citrine can also be found in Scotland, Russia, Uruguay and Madagascar.

Citrines name comes from the Latin word “citrina” which means “yellow”, a reference to the citrines sunny colouring. The stone has gained popularity over the last few decades, however it has been known to man for thousands of years. It wasn’t until 1556 that the term “citrine” was formally used, as up until that time, the stone had been known simply as “yellow quartz.” (more…)

Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus ChakraThe solar plexus chakra (or Manipura) is the third of the seven primary chakras, located in the solar plexus, midway between the rib cage and the navel. It is the energy centre for our power, achievement and personal feelings – spanning a wide emotional area. It is this area that defines our self-esteem and helps us maintain our ‘personal power’.  (more…)

Homeowners Using Psychic’s Services To Cleanse House Before Selling

half timbered houseSelling a house is one of the most expensive, stressful events of our lives so why take chances? Have you considered how the energy in your home is affecting how people experience your home? Well take a closer look at the negative energy your home is exhibiting, because more and more homeowners are now using psychic’s services to cleanse their homes before selling them. From ridding properties of ghosts to lifting the “energy” of a home, buyers and sellers are increasingly looking for some spiritual intervention. (more…)

Root Chakra

MeditationThe root chakra (or Muladhara) is the first of the seven primary chakras, located in the base of the spine in the tailbone area. This chakra is concerned with balancing the physical and spiritual life, survival and grounding. Your primal fight or flight instinct is initiated from this chakra. It is thought to be the grounding force that allows us to connect to the earth energies and empower our being. (more…)