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Psychic Reading Category

Hope (PIN: 3203) Talks about Divination (part 2)

lady with crystal ballIf you missed part 1, then click here.

Palmistry is one of my great loves I believe everybody should be able to read their own palm. The hand is where God has written the map of our lives and it can be subject to change as well. I have read hundreds of thousands of palms over nearly 30 years even little children have wonderful palms to read. When I first started doing Palmistry I realised it is actually a science, and I love science. It also developed my mediumship, I think by just holding the hand you can connect with the persons’ energy field and information can come streaming through. (more…)

Hope Talks about Divination (Part 1)

psychic reader hopeHello everyone,

My name is Hope, my PIN is 3203.

I am a Psychic Medium; I work with my Guides and employ a wide range of methods for channelling readings and getting information on all sorts of questions that we have about our lives. I love the ‘Art of Divination’ as all the signs and omens and messages that come through are designed specifically for the person I am reading for, to have a much better future and cope with their life to get the most happiness and fulfilment out of the situation. All of my readings are channelled with the Angels and presence of higher forces providing guidance regarding all aspects of life. I call it ‘my talent’; it becomes ‘my gift’ when I share it with others. I am really grateful to be able to do this wonderful work. My Angels and Guides watch over me and I have only wonderful experience of what this work can do. (more…)

Mediumship by Ellie (Part 3), PIN: 1180


You may wonder why you have to go through certain hardships in the journey of your life. Before you came into your mother’s womb and spoke to your Elders, you, yourself, your higher-self agreed to take on board the hardships you are going through: Your tests! If you pass your tests, you get rewarded, whether it will be in this life or the afterlife. I must emphasise that some of these tests do not mean having to go through pain.

You might feel that you do not belong in the ‘normal life’. You might want to live in a luxurious house, with a fancy car, plenty of money in your pocket…But your test might be that you would have to work hard to get this – get a good education and have a successful career. (more…)

Mediumship by Ellie (Part 1), PIN: 1180

Psychic Reader EllieMediumship isn’t just about contacting your loved ones in the afterlife. Contact can also be made with your Angels, your Elders, even your higher-self.

Have you ever wondered where you were before you came into your mother’s womb? I believe you were in the light, talking to your Elders about the purpose of your journey on the Earth realm. Your Elders were showing you who your parents would be and the certain things you would have to learn on the Earth realm.

Together during a reading we can find out what the lessons of your life are meant to be…These are some of the themes clients’ raise me with: (more…)

Tea Leaf Reading

Tea Cup, Tea Leaf ReadingThere is no doubt that our fondness for the tea bag has made tea leaf reading or Tasseomancy fall out of favour. But if you want to improve your divination skills then it is a great place to start. You just need some proper loose tea leaves…It goes without saying that it is better to buy a tea that you like the flavour of – but some work really well such as Earl Grey, Oolong, Assam etc. as they have leaves of different sizes that is better for making shapes. Teas such as Jasmine will not work due to containing petals rather than leaves and the same goes for fruit or herbal teas.

Then choose a teapot and a cup & saucer, the cup needs a rounded bowl so that the tea can swirl around the cup and the leaves can stick. It should be a plain cup & saucer so that you can clearly see the pattern the leaves create. The cup should have a handle, and the teapot should not contain a straining element. (more…)

A Day in the Life of a Medium

SeanceA Day in the Life of a Medium, by Reader Julie – PIN: 3123

I didn’t know the reason why I’d told the lady on the telephone that I would do ‘An Evening of Clairvoyance’ for her at her public house, after all I had received a call just before hers requesting the same thing and I’d politely declined as I much preferred reading for people on a one to one basis and didn’t relish the thought of the sea of faces that stare at you full of expectation…

When performing, what I called at that time, nothing more than a ‘stage show’. I told my daughter what had happened and I said, “I am a real medium, not a performer,” she said, “I know mum, but can’t you just do your thing on stage as you would in a one to one consultation?” “You’re good mum and when you did it before the audience loved you and there must be a reason why you said yes to this lady when you’d only just refused the one before…I think that it was meant to be and you can’t change your mind now as you’ve said that you will do it.” She was right, there was no getting out of it now and I’d told the woman that I would go to look at the venue the following day. (more…)

Numerology – Life Path 3 – The Entertainer

Creative, expressive, and witty those with the Life Path 3 can count themselves as ‘the entertainer.’

If Your Birthday Adds to a 3:

For example: October 26th, 1947

10, 26, 1947

10+26+1947= 1983

1+9+8+3= 21

2+1= 3

In this case, you would have the Life Path number of: 3

(If you are unsure on how to calculate your Life Path number, refer to our previous post introduction to numerology). (more…)

Developing Psychic Abilities- Study & Research

Possibly the best way for anybody to develop psychic abilities is to study and research what it means to be psychic. By learning about the psychic world around you, you can begin to define, understand, and practise your own unique gifts.


A good place to start your research is by reading up and studying the psychic world. There is no suggested learning path so explore the elements that capture your interest the most.

Look into what being psychic truly means. Learn about your seven major energy points and how they affect the mind body and spirit. Research how (more…)

Healing Stones – Selenite

Selenite is a remarkably calm and peaceful crystal, which instils peace and greatly aids in meditation.

If you are looking to develop psychic abilities or contact your spirit guides, Selenite may be the stone for you.

Selenite is a variety of Gypsum; a common mineral found in sedimentary rocks. As with many types of Gypsum, Selenite is a very soft crystal and can be flexed and bent with gentle pressure. Beautiful white Selenite crystals are most commonly found in Mexico, however the crystal has also been discovered in locations including Russia, Morocco, and Australia. (more…)

Nicole Richie Visits Pet Psychic

Nicole RichieEver wondered what your pet is really thinking? Well it turns out you’re not alone as more and more celebs are reaching out to Hollywood animal communicators to understand their companions thoughts and behaviour.

In a recent episode of her online reality show Candidly Nicole, fashion designer and reality star Nicole Richie reached out to pet psychic Marcia DeRousse in order to get a glimpse into her German Shepherds mind, however she ended up learning more about herself.

Through a reading of the family dog Iro, DeRousse uncovered that there was more history between Nicole and her pup than either of them could have ever imagined and that the pair had actually been married in a previous incarnation. However, despite their unique bond, it turns out that Nicole wasn’t exactly the perfect wife in her past life, and had even repeatedly cheated on her husband.

“He said you didn’t always tell him, but he always found out,” Marcia says. “He said yeah, she did really chase around quite a bit in that lifetime…but his love for you is great. It feels like the two of you had three children and he primarily took care of them. (more…)