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Psychic Reading Category

Tea Leaf Reading

Tea Cup, Tea Leaf ReadingThere is no doubt that our fondness for the tea bag has made tea leaf reading or Tasseomancy fall out of favour. But if you want to improve your divination skills then it is a great place to start. You just need some proper loose tea leaves…It goes without saying that it is better to buy a tea that you like the flavour of – but some work really well such as Earl Grey, Oolong, Assam etc. as they have leaves of different sizes that is better for making shapes. Teas such as Jasmine will not work due to containing petals rather than leaves and the same goes for fruit or herbal teas.

Then choose a teapot and a cup & saucer, the cup needs a rounded bowl so that the tea can swirl around the cup and the leaves can stick. It should be a plain cup & saucer so that you can clearly see the pattern the leaves create. The cup should have a handle, and the teapot should not contain a straining element. (more…)

A Day in the Life of a Medium

SeanceA Day in the Life of a Medium, by Reader Julie – PIN: 3123

I didn’t know the reason why I’d told the lady on the telephone that I would do ‘An Evening of Clairvoyance’ for her at her public house, after all I had received a call just before hers requesting the same thing and I’d politely declined as I much preferred reading for people on a one to one basis and didn’t relish the thought of the sea of faces that stare at you full of expectation…

When performing, what I called at that time, nothing more than a ‘stage show’. I told my daughter what had happened and I said, “I am a real medium, not a performer,” she said, “I know mum, but can’t you just do your thing on stage as you would in a one to one consultation?” “You’re good mum and when you did it before the audience loved you and there must be a reason why you said yes to this lady when you’d only just refused the one before…I think that it was meant to be and you can’t change your mind now as you’ve said that you will do it.” She was right, there was no getting out of it now and I’d told the woman that I would go to look at the venue the following day. (more…)

Numerology – Life Path 3 – The Entertainer

Creative, expressive, and witty those with the Life Path 3 can count themselves as ‘the entertainer.’

If Your Birthday Adds to a 3:

For example: October 26th, 1947

10, 26, 1947

10+26+1947= 1983

1+9+8+3= 21

2+1= 3

In this case, you would have the Life Path number of: 3

(If you are unsure on how to calculate your Life Path number, refer to our previous post introduction to numerology). (more…)

Developing Psychic Abilities- Study & Research

Possibly the best way for anybody to develop psychic abilities is to study and research what it means to be psychic. By learning about the psychic world around you, you can begin to define, understand, and practise your own unique gifts.


A good place to start your research is by reading up and studying the psychic world. There is no suggested learning path so explore the elements that capture your interest the most.

Look into what being psychic truly means. Learn about your seven major energy points and how they affect the mind body and spirit. Research how (more…)

Healing Stones – Selenite

Selenite is a remarkably calm and peaceful crystal, which instils peace and greatly aids in meditation.

If you are looking to develop psychic abilities or contact your spirit guides, Selenite may be the stone for you.

Selenite is a variety of Gypsum; a common mineral found in sedimentary rocks. As with many types of Gypsum, Selenite is a very soft crystal and can be flexed and bent with gentle pressure. Beautiful white Selenite crystals are most commonly found in Mexico, however the crystal has also been discovered in locations including Russia, Morocco, and Australia. (more…)


The term clairvoyant is synonymous with Psychics for most people. The term clairvoyance means literally “one who sees clearly”. But over the centuries this term could cover soothsayers from Biblical days to modern day psychics. It is always used in a fortune telling context. From days of old everyone from Kings and leaders to peasants has wanted to know their future. Whether it is the outcome of a battle, the road from rags to riches or finding the true love or “soul-mate” of their life!

Clairvoyants use a number of methods to foresee someone’s future. Some “sense within” what is going to happen, or call on their angels or guides to help them. Others use psychometry, holding on to an item that belongs to the person, such as a watch or ring and pick up messages and images. Others claim they hear the voices of their guides, their angels or their ancestors which tell them the future. (more…)

Preparing for a Psychic Reading

If you are planning to have a psychic reading done by us for the first time, we understand that this may feel daunting. However this doesn’t have to be the case if you prepare and understand what to expect before you phone us.

First of all it is important to pick a reader that suits you best, so you are able to feel most at ease. We have a list of our readers profiles on our website that you can read through which will then allow you to select someone you feel will be appropriate to your needs.

Preparation is essential if you want to make sure you make the most of your phone call. Have a long think about what you want to ask, 20 minutes can go fast when you are talking to our readers so you should aim to ask your most important question first. You may also want to make sure you are phoning from somewhere you feel comfortable and at a time you won’t be disturbed or interrupted. Most people find calling us during a quiet time at home helps them concentrate. Some even find that meditating before phoning relaxes them and prepares their mind for a reading. (more…)

Immediate Psychic Readings

Do you need answers to your questions answered quickly and efficiently? You may want to try our immediate Medium phone service which allows you to go straight through to your favourite reader. By calling our main number, and entering an assigned pin number, you can be put straight through to the reader of your choice. Our website also allows you to see instantly who is and isn’t available which prevents you from wasting your time.

You can also access a more detailed description of each reader, allowing you to receive a more accurate and tailor-made reading, which best suits your needs. We have a number of gifted mediums for you to choose from, who can give you accurate and compassionate readings. Take a look at our testimonials page to see why people return to our readers time and time again. It has never been easier to get a psychic or medium reading, and Best Mediums can provide you with highly experienced and qualified psychics and mediums, who will provide you with the answers to those burning questions.

So go ahead and give us a call now to find the answers you have been looking for.