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New Year Category

Spiritual Glow

CandlesDecorating your home with candles, can be the perfect way to add a welcoming warmth to anyone visiting and of course for yourselves. There are now so many candles readily available to buy, from fragranced, to shapes, to a whole range of colours, that it can be difficult to know how to display them to best effect.

Where to put them

Candles offer a versatile decorating tool, you can use them to style a dining table, a fire mantlepiece, on kitchen countertops, on bookcases, a sideboard, hallway console tables – the places are endless. (more…)


Group of peopleIt is hard to have a January blog post without the concept of New Year’s resolutions cropping up!

The top list probably looks something like this:

Give up smoking

Lose weight

Exercise more

Cut down on alcohol

Spend less, save more

Learn something new

Spend more time with family

And so on… and so forth, and so not happening…

But resolutions don’t have a good reputation for sticking, often they are too hard, too complicated and life just gets in the way, until we’re lucky if we made it 6 days! (more…)

The Phoenix Rising

Phoenix RisingThe Book of Enoch says that phoenixes are bird-like angels, in terms of rank they would sit alongside cherubim (these angels keep records of God’s work; they establish how to carry out the Divine plan) and seraphim (these angels are sometimes referred to as the ‘burning ones’, they are thought to be the closest to God, and their red colour represents their burning love for him).

The mythical Phoenix is often associated with the sun.

Around every five hundred years the phoenix will feel death upon him; he will build a funeral pyre in which to immolate himself. But shortly after he will rise from the ashes (hence the phoenix rising), fully restored!

As such the phoenix is the perfect symbol for New Year, as he represents immortality, resurrection and regeneration. But the phoenixes message should not just be of a rebirth in the hereafter, but a message of fresh starts and life beginning anew in the here and now. (more…)

Chinese New Year – Part 2

Chinese New Year 2016 Year of the Monkey2016 brings in the Year of the Monkey, commencing on the 8th February 2016. If you didn’t see our first post on this topic – click here, we covered previous monkey years, things that will be lucky and unlucky for those born in Monkey years, as well as personality traits.

Love Matches

The characteristics that best match those of a Monkey are those born in the year of the Ox or Rabbit. The worst matches would be the Tiger or Pig. Other Monkeys and those born in the year of the Snake should be reserved as friends only. There are a lot of complementary factors with Rats, Dragons, Goats and Dogs, but a relationship would not be as plain sailing as with an Ox or Rabbit. (more…)

Chinese New Year – Part 1

Chinese New Year 2016 Year of the MonkeyChinese New Year

2016 brings in the Year of the Monkey, commencing at the beginning of Chinese New Year on February 8th. The animal sign of the monkey will run until the 27th Jan 2017, and then the next day begins a New Year and a change to the Rooster.

Previous Monkey Years have been:

1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992 & 2004

Following 2016 the next Monkey cycle will be in 2028 (more…)

Chinese New Year – Year of the Goat

shutterstock_224645875Chinese New Year goes from the 19th February 2015 to 7th February 2016 and the period welcomes the Year of the Goat or Sheep/Ram.

Goat years are: 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 and 2015.

Goat lucky numbers are 3, 9 & 4. But 7, 6 & 8 should be avoided.

Primroses, Alice Flowers and Carnations should be the flower of choice for Goats.

Lucky colours for Goats are Green, Red and Purple.

Their luckiest months will be August and November. (more…)

How are those resolutions going?!

DavinaNew Year resolutions are a funny thing, despite how unique we all are on this earth – many of us make the same resolutions as each other year in year out: Get fit, lose weight, give up smoking, cut down on alcohol, change job – in general be more dynamic and live life in a more exciting way…

In reality when January sets in and the humdrum of normal life takes over, resolutions are quickly forgotten and/or broken.

If you find in February you have already fallen off the resolution bandwagon, then maybe you will find some inspiration in these new books. We often fail to bring about changes in our lives because we do not have a plan; our goals are often too big and seem insurmountable. So if a healthy diet is on your mind, then you may find that Davina’s plan to wean us off sugar over a 5 week period helps. Paul McKenna on the other hand shows us how we can reveal our true potential and shows us how to master our destiny in just a few hours. If all else fails, be inspired by Lonely Planet’s guide to travel in 2015! (more…)

New Year, New You

Hello 2014Its 2014! A brand new year often marks a brand new lifestyle for many of us as we promise to throw away the bad and welcome in the good.

The origins of New Year’s resolutions can be dated back for centuries. The ancient Babylonians promised their gods to return borrowed objects and pay off their debts at the start of each New Year, and medieval Knights pledged their commitment to chivalry with the ‘peacock vow’ at the end of every Christmas season.

To this day, about 55% of UK adults form New Year’s resolutions each year, although research has shown only around 1 in 11 will stick to it for at least 6 months. (more…)

Sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions

New Years ResolutionsIt’s a New Year and a new start, so time to think of your New Year’s resolutions if you haven’t already got some. For example getting rid of some of those bad habits or making some better lifestyle choices. However we do the same thing every year, promise ourselves that this year we are going to stick to our new year’s resolutions but many of us fail to keep up that initial motivation. (more…)

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are something many of us will be making this year, however they are notoriously difficult to stick to! The New Year is the perfect time to start afresh, leaving all regrets behind and turning over a new leaf, but the majority of the time, we lack the willpower to keep our resolutions and go back to bad habits. Because of this we have devised a list of 5 tips for you to follow in order to make sure you keep your New Year’s resolutions this year and make 2012 the year you achieve your goals!

Write Them Down

1 – Writing your resolutions down, whether you have made one or several, can allow you to remind yourself of them each day. This will also allow you to stick to your original resolution without changing it when things get tough. You could try making a poster or writing post-its to put around the house to remind yourself of your resolution and to keep you motivated. If you are dieting, put reminders of your targets around the kitchen or if you are tying to cut down on spending leave yourself a little note in your wallet. Repeating your message in writing will have double the impact on your brain and stop you from giving into temptation. (more…)